Into the blue ...

A theopoetic adventure, in loosing ones comfortable place, in order to find ones true self
"To Dare is to risk losing your foothold for a moment, Not to Dare is to risk losing yourself." (Kierkegaard)

Pirate Theology

Living out a different reality amidst our own

Queer Theology

An exploration of theology and human sexuality from a norm critical, transgressive, queer perspective.

The Enneagram is a personality typing tool
For knowing yourself, identifying your EGO
And for spiritual development and growth.

Life is my religion

Being alive is my daily spiritual practice. Love is my rule. Humankind is my family. Authentic friendships is my church. The kingdom of God runs through my veins. Jesus is my brother. Becoming and being all that I am is my calling. Helping you become and be all that you are is my ministry. My deepest feelings are my guide. All living things are my teacher.

Pirate Theology

Pirate Theology is not a different belief system, it is a different way of believing. It is taking a step outside of the established tradition and allowing for the diversity and messiness of life to get into ones theology. It is holding theology lightly and having faith that god is bigger. It is striking out on the wide open sea, sailing of for the horizon and joining up with a group of likeminded outside the norm.

Spiritual Development

The point of all the theological reflection and the deconstruction is to find something true, something with the power to transform and allow our spirits to transform. It is for us to gain self knowledge, practice self acceptance so that we can land in self love and by that create the fertile soil of self growth.

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Did I go to far?

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  After more than half a decade of deconstruction I face this question. It all started with deconstructing our worldview and how we view god. Moving on to deconstruct our…


I am Queer!

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I remember last time I walked with the pride parade in Malmö, I had walked the parade many times before but last time was special, it was the first time…


Falling in love

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It’s a funny phrase isn’t it. We say that we fall in love like it was an open manhole cover on our way to work. Like we have nothing to…


True love

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Disney has time and time again claimed that there is no higher power than this, that true love’s kiss is the most potent magic of all. This does of course…


Tantric what???

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A friend of mine pointed out that I talk a lot about tantra, but I never explain what it is. So here is my attempt at offering a brief view…


I love you just the way you are ….

| Marriage & Relationships, Relationships | No Comments

I am cleaning the house and dancing around the apartment with the monster we call a vacuum cleaner singing cheesy love songs. I find myself singing along to Billy Joel’s…


The naked truth

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Another week has past since I posted “Our sacred journey” and there have been countless of private messages and questions, ranging from: “How dare you?” to “Congratulations, now tell me…


Relationship Anarchy

| Christian life, Family, Life is my religion, Relationships | No Comments

In the wake of my most recent post on how love is not static I would like to add some thoughts on what has been called relationship anarchy, a term…