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  • Notes from the margins….

    Notes from the margins….

    It is rather ironic to have a middle aged, white, man talk un-ironically of marginalisation. And yet one should not judge a book by it’s cover and rather take in the often surprising adventure that is hidden inside. Not everything is what it looks like, rather perception often misleads as it always carries our bias […]

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  • The “Devil” made me do it!

    The “Devil” made me do it!

    Desire is part of who we are. We all have desires. Desires to be succesful, desires to be loved, desires to be touched. Many of us also struggle with voicing our desires. Perhaps because we fear that we are not worthy to have our desires met or perhaps because we fear what other people will […]

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  • Eros is calling!

    Eros is calling!

    I am watching the first season of Sandman on Netflix and I am taken aback by the powerful message about the importance of hope. Where in the end of episode for “No hope in hell”, the main character Morpheus, dream of the endless beats Lucifer Morningstar by invoking hope as the ultimate power. In the […]

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