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Distractions – canon fodder

Trying to put my mind on essays is very hard right now as all I can think of is the upcoming appointment on Saturday.

Page_5So I try to distract myself in any way I can. Enter Multiwinia.

It is mindless stick-man slaughter, but in the age of post-modernism one has to ask what about stick-man rights…..

Just hoping this is not how we will feel about our appointment…

Multiwinia THE mac game of the year.

Every now and then I must post a geeky post. It is just not possible not to do it because I am a geek.

So I was looking for a game to play and blow off some steam. I was delighted to find a port of Neverball for mac but as great as the game is it didn’t really help me de-stress and maybe more importantly take my mind off the fast approaching appointment.

Then it happened I stumbled across Multiwinia (a multiplayer RTS based on the great game Darwinia) Its fast paced action packed game play was just what the doctor ordered (in fact I went to play it with Will who is a doctor and a good friend).

Here is an excerpt from the user manual:

Welcome to Multiwinia: Survival of the flattest – thr ultimate retro-arcade multiplayer experience! Choose from a selection of six spectacular, action packed game modes, set in one of the most beautiful game environs you will ever set your eyes on.

Challenge your opponent to a game of stick-man slaughter, and watch digital-war unfold, as your Multi-winian army struggle to complete a chosen task fasterand betterthan your rival’s.

It’s fast, it’s furious, and only the flattest will survive!

It was also good to see that if you have one paid copy of the game you can play a lan game with a friend who has downloaded the demo version.

PC-Version Mac version

Homeless again….

So it is kind of fitting, we started our mission trip in Latvia 18 months ago living in the backroom of a church and now I am again living in one of the church offices (again thank God that the girls are not here for it, but are enjoying a sunny beach in Croatia).

I loose my bearings when I don’t have my own little space with my own things around me, it becaomes hard to concentrate on those daily things and I can’t seem to find the motivation for much anything.

I’ve played a lot of Frets On Fire in the last few days (Got it set up on my laptop with a USB keyboard to boot). And I started making some Christian songs for FoF. The first one done is [[Audio Adrenaline]] – Man of God wich will be made available for the close commuinity of guitar freaks at “Gitarrhaket“.

Tomorrow I will have the apartment cleared out and hopefully Friday night or Saturday lunch I will be back in the apartement.

For all of you about to rock, I salute you!

PICT1699Last night when Hanna went to her small group I didn’t know what to do with myself I was bored… When I asked Hanna what to do she said whatever you do, have fun!

So I decided to blow the evening off with something fun. I Downloaded [[Frets on Fire]]1 and hoped it would have at least half an hour entertainment value. I was wrong, I was sooo wrong, I was hooked!

I have heard from Various people that guitar hero was supposed to be fun, I was sceptical. I was even more sceptical that an open source version using your keyboard as a guitar could be any fun at all. But it was. Loads of fun. Due to the game idea being extremely simple and the Frets on Fire unique keyboard setup and stance, It RAWKS!

I urge you, if you have ever been into playing music, if you love rock, download your copy today and rock on.

A few words of caution:

  • You will get addicted
  • You will get pain in your fingers
  • You might break your keyboard
  • You WILL look very silly.
  1. An open source guitar hero clone []
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