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Warrior princess

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Jesus is not good at just doing his job. At the wedding in Canaan he doesn’t just make a few bottles of wine, he miraculously produces 600 litres. When feeding the five thousand with a boys lunchbox he also goes the extra mile and there are 12 baskets of left overs afterwards.

So I am standing in worship, the afterglow of Gods intimate, deep, healing touch is washing over me in waves. Suddenly I have a vision. In front of me I see this beautiful woman, perfect in every way. Long brown hair rolling over her shoulders in wavy locks. Her fierce dark brown eyes sparkling with vibrant vitality. She is dressed in a snugly fitting leather armour and wielding an elven sword raised high ready for battle. It is the most stunning woman I have ever seen, and then I realise, she is my wife!

Awestruck i stand there marvelling, falling in love with my wife as if it where the first time. Standing in a lodge squeezed in between the peaks of the rocky mountains thousands of miles from home, I realise the she is my perfect match, my ezer (companion or lifesaver from Gen 2.18). She is the woman that battled for my heart when I couldn’t. I would not be whom God wants me to be without her. I realise standing there, that I have truly been blessed with a gift from God!

Jesus came to save that which was lost

The question is, do you know what you have lost? Have you like me settled for what is? Yesterday in the stress of coming home, getting ready, and (for me) getting ready for a trans-continental trip. Tempers flared as the kids acted up testing our patience and our love.  After a long silence I found Angelina in the study staring at our wedding photos.

I don’t like it when Mommy is angry, she says. I wish she was like that, she points at the wedding photos, always happy, she was so beautiful.

Oh man, I look at the pictures of the young couple so young, so in love. Almost tangible electrical passion passing between the two. Who are they? I quickly correct myself, where are they now? How did we loose that?

Then I remember that Jesus came to save that which was lost and a wild and a little bit crazy hope flares in my heart. maybe that can be true for us… Maybe it can be true for you…

Going to Latvia: Boothcamp II – Prologue

So today we fly of to Riga, to prepare for three days of Boothcamp, a National Latvian youth camp in the small town of Drusti. It is the second time we do this camp but a first for Hanna to speak at an event like this.

At the camp we will be teaching “Epic” and the four streams from “Waking the dead”, teaching people that there is a full life to be lived in Christ, where you can find your unique part in God’s story and walk an intimate walk with God, hearing him speak daily. We will also concentrate on Spiritual Warfare and naturally how all this will enable us to fight the Salvation War! Last time the all age meeting at the end of the camp was especially powerful where the older generation prayed for and blessed the younger generations to march to war.

The warfare has been getting fierce the closer we have gotten to the event. Our sleep has been interrupted (more than usual) and tempers have been flying high. The added pressures of Sunday placements at corps and essays at the college all colliding in  these last two weeks have not helped either. I am assuming that the enemy is not pleased with our plans to, through the power of God,  set hearts free in Latvia.

Please Pray for us, as much, and as hard as you can, we will need every bit of support we can get!

You are not on your own

Hanna preached on God’s promises when in depression today at Southwark and God showed up! It was a great day and God certainly spoke to me.

I have carried a wound with me since I was a little boy and I was moved from home to home (most of the time within the extended family). The message I have carried with me is “You are on your own” and today as I was praying about my own difficult times. God spoke and said “you are not on your own!”

At the fellowship after church i was talking to some of the squatters from the drop in. We where talking about the message I said to them “believeing in God is easy, it is beleiving that he believes in me…. that’s the hard part!”

To trust that God will be that perfect father, that it is truly true that he will never leave nor forsake me. To trust that he has forgiven me…. To trust that I am no longer on my own in this world; That is the hard bit.

First day of summer placement

Southwark Salvation ArmyYesterday was our last day of curriculum and today we went out into a brave new world. Our first day of summer placement. Through the torrents of rain we braved the streets of London and arrived at Southwark (as this has been our “home” corps while in training it wasn’t exactly new to us, but it was the first time we where going to be there and have any kind of responsability or leadership). Hanna spent the day going to different playgroups with the girls in preparation of her mission project while I went to the drop in. I had some fantastic chats with people there and tried beans on toast for the first time in my life. Now I have put the tired girls to sleep and Hanna is off for small group at the corps. Time to prep for my Speaking engagement at a school tomorrow morning and my sermon for Sunday.

Walking the walk.

As Christians we know how important it is to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Hanna has therefore bravely decided to help raise funds for breastcancer research through walk the walk. Hanna will, together with two other cadets in our session, do a Moonwalk, a late night walk through town in their bras.

Please help support Hanna here

Here is an excerpt from the walk the walk website:

This will be the night that Bollywood meets Rock n Roll… the night when 15,000 women and men will pound the streets of London in their decorated bras… and it could be the night that you take your first step to better health, fitness and making a difference! In 2007 we raised in excess of £8.5 million to be granted to vital breast cancer causes… with your help we could make an even greater difference in 2008 …

Walk the Walk is the grant making, health charity behind the famous MoonWalk events in London and Edinburgh and the SunWalk in Bristol. To date the charity has raised in excess of £35 million for vital breast cancer causes, with the 2007 Playtex MoonWalk raising almost £5 million to date.

Walk the Walk is dedicated not only to promoting power walking for fitness, but raising awareness of breast cancer and encouraging people to adopt a healthy and holistic preventative lifestyle.

Please help support Hanna here


Armyguy-012-2008The next leg of our Journey has begun and the essay race is back on, we are constantly looking for new ways to study more efficiently and to coordinate our reading with our essay writing….

Very good indeed


As time marches on here at William Booth College we are finally getting some of our papers back. Overall we are both doing good but I think that for Hanna the highlight of the month was getting our new testament papers back. I managed to write a “very good” essay while Hanna’s came back as “Very Good Indeed”.
I will no doubt hear about this ’till my hair turns grey, but at this rate that will be sometime this spring.

T minus 4 days and counting

Four days, I mean it’s completely nuts!

In four days we will move in at William Booth College on Denmark Hill in London. We will put our kids in day care and start college.

Wow that is just a complete brain reboot. And the OS is going very slow right now because of the heat. Remember that yesterday I said it was hot? well today it was warmer. we had like 28 degrees……………

…… in the sea.

On that note I’ll just faint here under the AC!


Picture(158)It’s been a tough week, my knee is giving me loads of pain and it has disrupted all of the moving preparations. Hanna is climbing on the walls since we cannot proceed with our plans. It’s taking it’s toll on Hanna to to alone run after the girls around the clock.

I have found a good doctor, and I have started with physiotherapy. I go to the doctor and he gets to hook me up to all these machines and torment me, then I smile say thank you and pay him…. I have regained some movement to my knee after the first two sessions but I am still not well enough to get back to the normal routine.

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