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Walking the walk.

As Christians we know how important it is to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Hanna has therefore bravely decided to help raise funds for breastcancer research through walk the walk. Hanna will, together with two other cadets in our session, do a Moonwalk, a late night walk through town in their bras.

Please help support Hanna here

Here is an excerpt from the walk the walk website:

This will be the night that Bollywood meets Rock n Roll… the night when 15,000 women and men will pound the streets of London in their decorated bras… and it could be the night that you take your first step to better health, fitness and making a difference! In 2007 we raised in excess of £8.5 million to be granted to vital breast cancer causes… with your help we could make an even greater difference in 2008 …

Walk the Walk is the grant making, health charity behind the famous MoonWalk events in London and Edinburgh and the SunWalk in Bristol. To date the charity has raised in excess of £35 million for vital breast cancer causes, with the 2007 Playtex MoonWalk raising almost £5 million to date.

Walk the Walk is dedicated not only to promoting power walking for fitness, but raising awareness of breast cancer and encouraging people to adopt a healthy and holistic preventative lifestyle.

Please help support Hanna here

Easter and essay madness

Armyguy-014-2008 As time marches on we struggle to meet deadlines on essays and collectaneas and other assignments. If we are not working on an assignment then we are preparing a sermon or a meeting plan.

The assignments range widely between biblical studies, pastoral care and mission studies. Because of the difference in subject the styles of the essays differ greatly. And for us who have never written any work at this level (and doing it in a second, or in Hanna’s case, third language) It is really hard to differ between a critical evaluation, personal reflection or a theological reflection.

The last two weeks have been the most pressured since we got to WBC and that is saying a lot. To add to our workload we will be organizing Easter at Woking.

As placements go we have been extremely fortunate.

We had a fantastic time during our social placement at Springfield Lodge. Our Sunday placements are going well at Lewisham and we have been asked to do our summer placement at Southwark corps here in London. The next placement apart from Easter at Woking is going to be our corps placement in Catford. Please pray for us so that we can get as much out of this even though we will have to juggle the children between usfor the week.

Lent, placements and essays

LentIt has been a few really hectic weeks here at WBC, as the officer training course relentlessly moves, we try our best to keep up with the demands of full time academic studies. We are handing in work every Friday (or Thursday if it is a preaching for placement) and it seems we will continue to hand in one major piece of work every week until June (not counting the week of in April, but that is quickly countered by us having to hand in twice in some weeks).

But we did get a breather for a few days as we wen to Latvia for the Nordic cadet training weekend. It was nice to meet our Danish friends again and make new friends among Danish, Norwegian and Finnish cadets.

The weekend was held at a nice hotel in Jurmala and we celebrated our mini vacation (Yes, we actually had classes but we enjoyed them) by going to a spa. Angelina loved it and was soon swimming like a fish with only armbands to help her float.

We paid for our leisure when we got pack as we had two days to finish of our mission essay and then after placement in the weekend only three nights to finish the second NT essay. Today we handed in the last one and now we are taking a deserved night of.

It has been non stop work (except the one evening where I played frets on fire for a whole hour) so the thought of giving up essay writing for lent is a real temptation.

Another week in the UK

So here we are a week has passed, we still have no Internet but at least we can check our email on our blacberries now (Thanx Warren!!) We have nearly unpacked and we are starting to get to know the people in our building.

The place is great for the girls and they have found many new friends it will be great for them to start at the nursery on tuesday! I have had my first class (IT training at THQ) and passed my first testwith merit :P

Hanna is going to the IT training on monday and then we have tuesday to school in the kids and on Wednesday we take off!

As soon as I figure out how to make it happen we will post images in our gallery!

I am an alien!

It is so frustrating to be in a foreign country. We are trying to sort out some internet connection and mobile phones which is proving to be extremely difficult unless you are a citizen.

You cannot get a phone without a credit rating, you cannot get a credit rating until you have had a bank account with incoming salary for at least three to six months and to top it of the banks I been into today tell me I cannot get a bank account until I lived in the country for six months. 

So, no internet for us until summer 2008. Which means no Skype, no phonecalls to Croatia or America. No contact with friends ….. The worst part was the phone warehouse who let me return with all my proofs of identity the second time and after three hours of processing (and I am standing with my new phone in my hand and already memorizing my new phonenumber) when they tell me oh sorry, no we can’t do this unless you have an English bank account.

I am an alien, I am a legal alien a Swedish man in London! 


Last night at 22:40 we arrived at Stanstead airport. The first thing we did was violate national security by taking a picture at border control which will not be shown here because they made me erase it.

Then we went to the hotel Anja asleep since the flight but Angelina awake and very excited.

Now we have had a breakfast buffe at the Hilton and we are getting ready to leave for WBC….

 Here we gooooooo!!

T minus 6 hours and counting

So today is travel day, tonight we sleep at a hotel at stanstead airport and tomorrow morning we move in at WBC.

It seems unreal that we are not heading back to Latvia after our little mini vacation. London, in my mind at least, has a kind of mythical quality to it, like it is a place in Faerie which only exists  in the reflection of the first ray of sunlight on a drop of dew.

I am terrified, excited, sad, confused and anxious all at the same time ….. what will it be like, well stay tuned ….

The vacation has been god apart from my injury and a touch of a stomach flu the last two days. I was supposed to do a dive yesterday but since my stomach had decided against it I had to stay home. So no diving at all this year.

Right now we are packing and getting ready to leave, pray that the journey goes well (Ryan Air) and that the girls won’t catch the flu.

Brask lapp

Since we have holidays in Croatia and then moving to WBC in London where our internet options are very limited it might be a while before this blog is updated, We might also be very slow in answering emails, have faith….  We will be back!

Last words…

Today is my last day in Latvia, I’ve had my last lunch in the small hall, my last sit down with Edvins and Edgars, my last salary and made the last call on my cell phone before handing it in. The last boxes has been loaded on the truck and we will have our last meeting with all the youth tonight before having our last night at Bruniņieku iela 10a-6.

I also had my last physio therapy at Sporta medicina 1, wher I was instructed in how to train to make my knee stronger. I was also told that If I wanted to start any kind of training I had to by a very “Robo-Cop” type of brace with metal hinges doing the job of my ligaments. But as all space technology it was ridiculously expensive.

Tonight at the “Party” I will be ordering my last Latvian Sushi and for the last time pretend that I do not understand what they are saying around me, ka ludzu?

Tomorrow morning 5:20 we fly (homeless again) to Croatia to spend ten days with Hannas family before moving in to WBC on Denmark hill the 30th of August! It will be our last vacation for a long time and in the back of my head I hear the song playing….

ooooo Oh ooo Oh you’re in the Army now …..

During my time here I have come to love the Latvian people and hate the Latvian comforts (comforts like electricity coming out of your showers, power spikes breaking your hard drives, Staircases that WILL NOT admit baby carriages at the stores, garbage trucks, people staring at each other refusing to budge and move their car at the tunnel entrance to the Salvation army etc.)

But my friends, and I leave many friends behind, are friends that I would trust my life to! Friends I have prayed, cried, shared and grown together with. Our cadre! You know who you are, it has been an honour serving with you! Thank you for being friends, Thank you for being true! Thank you for being you!


After an Outrageously furious week of doctors appointments, packing and last minute arrangements it seems we have entered the final stretch. Tomorrow morning the moving company arrives to pack whatever we couldn’t (or wouldn’t as the case may be) and on friday they take the load on a truck to London. We leave Saturday morning (5 am)  flying via Oslo to Split  to enjoy a week in Croatia before school starts.

It always seem surreal to leave Riga and that we are both going to be College students in just a few weeks time, even more so that the college is preparing us to become Salvation Army Officers.

We desperately need your prayers as we are entering this new world.

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