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Brask lapp

Since we have holidays in Croatia and then moving to WBC in London where our internet options are very limited it might be a while before this blog is updated, We might also be very slow in answering emails, have faith….¬† We will be back!

New pictures

PICT1771Hanna is now back from Croatia and we have new pictures up, we also took a lot of pictures at the last SSG training so they are up to. PICT2120Lots of pictures of our new helmets, swords and gloves including pictures of my brand new pig faced bascinet, enjoy!

Taking a day off

I have been working non stop with the network and had no family time in weeks ….. It is time for a day of with the family!

Hannas Birthday

So no blog post today, It’s Hannas birthday and I am swamped. I woke her up this morning with a whoopla, a latte with fresh pastries from Martinas Bekerija. Hanna had wished for an apple and a hug so I gave her and Apple Ipod-shuffle inscribed with the words from our wedding band and the promise I made to her on our wedding day in Croatian.

Hoping she enjoyed the morning and the whoopla and on to plan the little celebration we will have at tonights small group.

Anjas first steps

After a month of wobbling Anja is gaining her elephant, she has balance and control! Watch her walk here.

New photos

PICT1671New photos up in the gallery, only for those who won’t get nauseated by cute children.

Bauska WMA

Off to Bauska to teach another full day of WMA. Hope to Blogg about it later.

WSD in Bauska

Today I am running a women selfdefense demo at the womens day in bauska. Hanna was supposed to d anAerobic pass as well but as it turns out the whole family is underthe weather and therefore need to stay home and rest. I drew the shortest straw and go to Bauska.

Four days of Jonah

I am currently doing a four day course on the book of Jonah held by Stuart old testamentteacher from WBC. It is very interesting and I have foundso many new nsights in this oddlittle bible book. Yes, I will be sharing these later!

Angelinas Three years bash

Angelina turned three years old, and had a party worthy of a princess, dressed in here Belle dress she hosted the princess party of the year!

The puzzles where the big hit and she hasn’t really gotten interested in the fancy bike we bought her, but come summer I hope she will be swishing about on her pink bike.

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