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Walking the walk.

As Christians we know how important it is to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Hanna has therefore bravely decided to help raise funds for breastcancer research through walk the walk. Hanna will, together with two other cadets in our session, do a Moonwalk, a late night walk through town in their bras.

Please help support Hanna here

Here is an excerpt from the walk the walk website:

This will be the night that Bollywood meets Rock n Roll… the night when 15,000 women and men will pound the streets of London in their decorated bras… and it could be the night that you take your first step to better health, fitness and making a difference! In 2007 we raised in excess of £8.5 million to be granted to vital breast cancer causes… with your help we could make an even greater difference in 2008 …

Walk the Walk is the grant making, health charity behind the famous MoonWalk events in London and Edinburgh and the SunWalk in Bristol. To date the charity has raised in excess of £35 million for vital breast cancer causes, with the 2007 Playtex MoonWalk raising almost £5 million to date.

Walk the Walk is dedicated not only to promoting power walking for fitness, but raising awareness of breast cancer and encouraging people to adopt a healthy and holistic preventative lifestyle.

Please help support Hanna here

Swords and helmets

As most of you know we have been running a Schola Saint George study group here at Riga One. It has been the corps sports activity and a way to meet new people from groups we would not normally reach.

As a pilot project it has been succesful and well liked by our youth and the ones coming from the outside. As we are now preparing for our summer camp and as the group gets ready to survive on it’s own without me, we have some desperate needs.

If you want to support this project and help ensure it’s survival after me and Hanna leaves, here is the list.

  • Four FIE allstar Three weapons masks or baton sparring helmets (2nd hand or new doesn’t matter $150 each new)
  • Four 39” Shinais ($50 each in latvia)
  • Four Shinai hilts from Ardenwood forge ($35 each)
  • Four pairs of lacrosse gloves or medium sparring gloves from
  • Four Gorgets

If wishes where wings we would also like to have….

Guitar trouble

So my electric guitar is singing on it’s last chorus. The head is cracked and I have to retune it between every song since its barely holding together at all. Prices for fixing it is higher than a new guitar so we will have to invest.
For some this might be a prayer answered but it is of course a disaster for our worship team and especially for the youth nights.

So now I am out with the beggars hat, we can definately not afford a guitar on our family budget but we do need one for the worship team, for the youth service and for all the other youth/music stuff we do. If you have an old (but working) electric guitar that you feel would be put to better use with us in Riga or if you would care to donate funds towards a new guitar please contact me as soon as possible.

We are praying for a quick solution to this problem.

Car again.

So the car is half fixed and in the end it will cost us 450 Lats, putting a serious dent in our non existing funds.

Living in the center of Riga with two kids the car is an absolute must, we have to be able to get out of the city, since there are very little for the girls to do in the summer and NOTHING in the winter.

Please pray that we will be able to secure the funds to fix the car.

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