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Looking for serious conversation

I was asked last week, why do I blog? Do I have a need to be heard, seen or is it something else? This has led me to reflect on why I am writing this blog, I have come up with a few answers to the question.

I write because I need to see my thoughts on “paper” so that I can examine them. Once a blog is posted I can come back later and examine my thoughts critically.

I write because I process through expression, in my mind is a jumble, as the words fall out on the page they re/organise themselves into sentences that carry meaning.

I write because there are people in various places in the world that actually want to know what I think and they ask me to keep writing.

But I think most of all I write because theology cannot be done in a vacuum. I need discourse, I need people who respond, who disagree, who question and who engage with the thoughts and challenge me.

In light of the last point this blog has been a bit of a disappointment. I need more conversation partners, I need more conversations, I need mentors, friends and dissenters.

So if you read this blog regularly, I beg of you. Comment, disagree, dialogue! And if you like send me an email and lets formalise a mentor/mentee partnership. I am not looking for people who think like me, but people who can challenge and gently guide me to greater insight. In this all are welcome! Let’s do theology together!


NaNoWriMo Update.

Last night I passed the mythical 50.000 word mark on my novel S-tech – Soul Filter. The novel is not yet finished although it is definitely on the last stretch. The few who have read the first part of the book are asking for more so I guess I need to decide whether I should release the whole thing on the internet or if I should go through the whole editing and publishing process. It feels strange to have actually gotten this far and in such a short time but I am convinced that without the pressure of the contest, I would not have found the time to do it.
So, I am hoping to finish up first draft before the new year then it’s proofing, editing tomproduce a final draft. And then finally some form of publishing whether that means sending the draft to publishers or releasing an ebook for download either on amazon or here.
If you been down this road I’d appreciate tips or just a cheerful pat on the back.
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