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T minus 6 hours and counting

So today is travel day, tonight we sleep at a hotel at stanstead airport and tomorrow morning we move in at WBC.

It seems unreal that we are not heading back to Latvia after our little mini vacation. London, in my mind at least, has a kind of mythical quality to it, like it is a place in Faerie which only exists  in the reflection of the first ray of sunlight on a drop of dew.

I am terrified, excited, sad, confused and anxious all at the same time ….. what will it be like, well stay tuned ….

The vacation has been god apart from my injury and a touch of a stomach flu the last two days. I was supposed to do a dive yesterday but since my stomach had decided against it I had to stay home. So no diving at all this year.

Right now we are packing and getting ready to leave, pray that the journey goes well (Ryan Air) and that the girls won’t catch the flu.

T minus 4 days and counting

Four days, I mean it’s completely nuts!

In four days we will move in at William Booth College on Denmark Hill in London. We will put our kids in day care and start college.

Wow that is just a complete brain reboot. And the OS is going very slow right now because of the heat. Remember that yesterday I said it was hot? well today it was warmer. we had like 28 degrees……………

…… in the sea.

On that note I’ll just faint here under the AC!

T minus 5 days and counting

PICT3021So I missed to write yesterday ….. Well yesterday was a big day for Angelina. For the first time ever she went in to the sea and let go of her footing, she had inflatable arm rings and a Mickey Mouse lifesaver and she let go with her feet. I said Angelina look at you you are swimming. She said No, no Flying! Childhood is fantastic, a miracle around every corner and an adventure every minute, that is the way we all should live life.

The weather is to hot to mention and so humid you can hardly breathe. My only wish would be that I wasn’t injured so I could take the car and drive us far away from all the tourists and stuff and then run and jump around and play with Angelina and Anja instead of feebly hobbeling around.

Ah well, time to bed down and pray for rain tomorrow ….

T minus 7 days and counting

And counting, and counting…..

Little colder today only, well about 29 degrees. Swimming (technically I am not allowed to swim so I got me a pair of flippers so that I can only paddle with my feet) and drinking lattes on the beach.

I know we should start thinking about college but here we are in paradise and the thought that we are actually in the middle of a move between countries is still alien and rather ludicrous.

T minus 9 days and counting

Croatia is showing her best side with sunshine and warm water, and today it cooled of a little so it was not to hot.

Angelina and Anja are enjoying the incredible freedom of the beach and the sea, Angelina has turned into a fish and she wont get out of the water until she is blue and shaking uncontrollably. Anja is more cautious, but spurred on by Angelinas adventures. Today Anja waded out into waist deep water.

I spent 45 minutes on the training bike and thus got my daily torture, but at least now I am not paying for the daily pain.

College? really? Is that where we are going? I haven’t thought about it.

T minus 10 days and counting…

Oh dear, What a ride. We had a lil farewell gathering at our empty apartment the last evening we had a picknick on the empty living room floor and had general fellowship. Our friends had made a goodbye gift in form of an album with images from our entire stay in Latvia and it was such a bitter sweet sensation looking at all those images and receiving such a valuable gift. We are indeed fortunate to have been loved so much in Latvia.

That night we spent all awake because Anja decided to hold a vigil over her last night in Latvia then we left for the airposrt at 5 am and headed to Oslo where we spent 6 hours at the airport…

We arrived in Croatia  late and stepped out in the 30 degree warm night only to get stuck in a long caravan of cars all leaving the airport and trying to negotiate their way through the Croatian coastal roads.

We made it home and crashed (Angelina in her new room) and to our relief both Girls slept like rocks all the way until 07:00.

The next morning both Anja and Angelina terribly exited about their surrounding and enjoying the freedom of a house to run around in. The Afternoon we spent at the beach, Angelina ran around in the shallows near the beach while Anja was not so sure about the sea and seemed to resent the waves. I retreated to café Baywatch (the café on the beach  5 meters from the water 2 minutes walk from our house) and enjoyed the best Latté I have had in a long time.

Intellectually I know that we are on the way to college, but sitting here enveloped by the velvet darkness of the Croatian night looking out over the Bay of Okrug Gornij feeling the warm tradewind blow gently in my face, it is hard to imagine that we are indeed in the middle of a move that wll change our lives forever.

New pictures

PICT1771Hanna is now back from Croatia and we have new pictures up, we also took a lot of pictures at the last SSG training so they are up to. PICT2120Lots of pictures of our new helmets, swords and gloves including pictures of my brand new pig faced bascinet, enjoy!

Everybody needs someebody to Love!

So my girls are back home after two and a half weeks in Croatia and I have missed them terribly, Angelina who has been refusing to talk to me on the phone, I thought she might be angry at me for not being there, came of the airplane and hugged me for 15 minutes straight, refusing to let go until we came to the car!

Hanna came home glowing and Angelina is brown and talks much more, Anja walks, runs and has come home with twice as much personality, it’s amazing how much they can develop in just two and a half weeks.

It’s so good to have them home!

An idle vacation post…

I happened by a friend who needed help with some computer stuff, so here I am in front of a computer first time on my vacation.So far it has been good 27-40 degrees in the shade and a constant 26-27 in the water.

Angelina Has started bathing a little bit carefully daring to walk into the water, and me, well I have been on four dives so far spotted a lot of lobsters, (they are quick buggers, so no lobster dinner so far) and yesterday to my utter delight I saw a manta ray!

Anja is being very kind, sleeping well and handling the heat very well.

Hanna is deciding that we are never coming back on one day and deciding that we will buy furniture for our room the next. She is working very hard taking care of the girls and trying to translate both language and culture for me. In the end Anja and Angelina are demanding her constant attention and tho I try to spot for her it seems that with the added tention between Hanna and her parents it is not the vacation Hanna was hoping for.

After two and a half weeks here I think we are both ready to return to latvia and get on with all our plans.

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