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I’m a free scholar!

At doublewars I fought for the prize (Sponsored by Richard the Rampant) and became a free scholar in the Drachenwald fencing academy. I now proudly wear the black braid (Made by Gytha Haldesdottir) and titulate myself a free scholar of the academy.

Authorized in case of schlaegers

At doublewars I opted for an SCA authorization for case of schlaegers rather than the hard ardous Holmgard authorization. I don’t really care for case and especially not case of schlaegers. But I did it and it was loads of fun. It was the first time I did the simpler SCA authorization ie. testing safety and control only and not skill and safety and control under extreme preassure.

Although not my favorite fighting style I am now authorized in it wich feels great.

Rapier dagger authorization.

Got my rapier dagger authorization today, have been priming up to it for quite some time and was hoping to get it in before double wars and lo and behold I did. But I didn’t deserve it, I fought so badly in the authorisation bouts and I was so tired at the end I almost fainted. I should have quit way before those last bouts.On the upside in the slower paced and more relaxed bouts after the authorization I figured out how to deal with the dagger properly, I was sparring with Fredrik when I suddenly changed my guard to accomodate his left hand, when I did my dagger work just popped into place! It felt great!
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