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Love is a mental illness

The words of Joan in the fantastic TV show Joan of Arcadia, In the show God counters with “Love puts all logic to sleep, otherwise noone would ever risk it.”

Love is such a complicated game, so many risks, so easy to get hurt, and even if the rewards are sky high if you are lucky, when you are not it leaves you in the pit of dispair crying out for mercy.

The stupid things we have done for Love, come on admit it, there has been som half-brained-awkward moments in your life that you can give Love credit for. Well take heart for Love is proven a mental illness that “puts all logic to sleep” wich is why we dare to risk it no matter the cost.

Humpty dumpty…

We are having a Farscape Marathon at home and watching 2×05 Crackers don’t matter I find myself repeating Crichtons question after he quotes the famous nursery rhyme:

“Humptey Dumptey sat on a wall. Humtey Dumptey had a great fall and all the kings horses, all the kings men could nt put Humtey Dumptey back together again”

The question Crichton asks “is how do we take it all back?”
The crew of the living spaceship Moya has been under the influence of solar flares that make them very suspicous of each other and they divide into fractions, cross and double cross each other. When they all coma back to their senses, they all apologize but all the hurtful words they said are still there between them.

I figure that the Nursery Rhyme has it right, not all the kings horses or all the kings men can put things right again. It is all a matter of choice, The people involved can choose to act upon the things said or not, choose to remember the things said or not.

Making choice (and in effect free will) the most powerful force in the universe next to God.

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