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Lost and found

Either what man having plenty of bibles, if he lose one bible, doth not light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligently till he find [it]?And when he hath found [it], he calleth [his] friends and [his] neighbours together, saying, Rejoice with me; for I have found the bible which I had lost.

Book of Patrik chapter 32:1

Having gone to every place I had been since the disappearance of my Bible, trekking by foot all over Riga asking everyone I could find if they had seen it… Then finally I found it under Hannas traveling bag. Since we have not yet moved in to our appartament we still have not unpacked since 17th of December.

So Rejoice with me for I have found my precious bible that has been my constant companion for 11 years given to me by one of my real life heroes Colin “Gabriel” Hatcher.

Bring it on

Ok, so we are settling into some semblance of routine, but no matter how we try our life keeps getting interrupted by all these attacks.
First the car and loosing all our favorite worship albums (our complete Delirious? collection) Then we all get sick, starts out as a cold but pretty soon it is obvious that Hanna has bronchitis (or however you spell that) and Angelinas cough is not getting any better either. So we are constantly battling with medicines and as a result of that Angelina is now on a hunger strike. We figure that it is actually not the illness but she is actually getting back at us for forcing here to take medecine.

Well just recovering from the sickness and battling every feeding time I now realize that someone has nicked my Bible, and not any Bible but my leatherbound monogrammed spiritfilled life bible given to me by my mentor Gabriel in Los Angeles, the one that has been my constant companion and friend since 1995 with ALL of my bible notes in….. Please pray that somehow whovever has it will read my name on it and get it back to me. Of all my earthly possesions I think that is the one that is absolutely the most dear to me.

Well they say that if thing go wrong, act up etc … you know you are in the right place (ie. the frontlines of the battle) Well I am starting to get the feeling….

Anyhow we are here now and we are not going anywhere so bring it on!

Car trouble

Despite Salvation Army assurance that they never had a break in in their parking lot the second weekend here our car got broken into.
This is our second break in since Christmas. This time they drilled up the door so the driver seat lock is completely busted. They stole the car stereo and all our delirius records Cry wich is very annoying. So now the car needs to go to the shop. It just figures the minute we ask for prayer support the car gets a hit…..

Latvian Pizza RoxXorz

Ok, enough ranting allready time for some of the good sides of Latvia to show, one of them obviously is the food.
Image So last night we ordered Pizza or Pica as it is called in Latvian due to some language problem apparantly we got a familly size pizza. But it was all well seeing that the whole familly truly enjoyed it.

The pizzas here in Latvia are excellent unlike say german pizza wich is hardly edible (by my standards at least) no, Latvian pizza is more like what you would get in NYC if ya ordered a large pie and I have so missed those since my time with the NYC angels.

ImageOn the whole all foodstuffs we have eaten here have been fantastic as we have been treated to a few dinners by kind officers and corps members. Lido is a must visit if ya come to riga and if you are anything like me a visit to Sushi planet on Barona iela is not bad either, and if you are not like me but more say like Hanna then in the same place as Sushi Planet is il Patio with fantastic italian Pizza as well. More pizza for the people I say!


Just as we thought we where getting used to the latvian climate the REAL winter kicked in.
Hanna and Angelina are both home sick and I am at the office holding on to my health as best I can. The temperatures outside is between -15 and -20 and if you count windchill factors we are down to -40. Now they didnt tell me about this before we left ….

First week

Been here a week now and our accomodations have gone from bad to worse, apart from being very old dirty and alltogether run down the whole church is rented out all the time.

This means tha we are awoken by people praying at seven in the morning now if it was taize I guess we would be ok but these people sound like they are giving birth or attending a soccer match. After a hard day we come home to a Holy ghost blowout with people falling,laughing, screaming in the spirit all of it would be lovely if you where attending it and it wasn’t your living room. These meetings go on forever and Angelina is seldom asleep before eleven. Apart from driving us all slightly mad and wishing our appartement was done even faster we are doing ok though. The work is slowly progressing and we have set the date for the team training school to the first of september. And it has also been decided that the team will be doing an actual churchplant wich is all very exciting.

The kingdom belongs to the children

Second night in Latvia we arrive to our little hideout only to find that a Russian congregation have invaded the church hall and holding a charismatic meeting outside our bedroom door. Angelina decides after a short spell of shyness to join in the meeting.

As the meeting is nearing its end people are falling to the left and right and the soft praise is filling the room. Angelina standing in the middle both arms raised to heaven singing with the praise. Both me and Hanna misty eyed watch our child praising God as it was the most natural thing in the world. After a few minutes she turns around and instantly resumes a game with the other children as there was no difference in the world between playing and praying. I just wish it was that natural and easy for us. But we all know that the kingdom belongs to the children.

Here we go

Four years after our first trip to Latvia we are finally back and ready to get to work. The trip was uneventful, with the ferry between Kappelskär and Paldiski being the lowpoint with cabins that reeked of smoke and previous parties. Now at least we are here

The place we are staying is falling apart and the fragrance of mould and sweat fills the rooms the carpets have years of filth lovingly worked into them and the bed we where supposed to sleep in falling apart. The realization that we are now missionaries in an underdeveloped country and shouldnt let these things bother us is hitting us both hard this evening as we feel disappointment knocking on our door. These acommodations are however temporary and we pray to God that the workers renovating our appartement will get extra strength and Godspeed.

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