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First class of the new woman self defense course

We had a good class, with a few women showing up, I do wish there would have been more of them. But we got to it and started the long journey towards becoming warriors.

A bit sceptical at first, but as we moved on to the actual martial arts techniques, one of the woman exclaimed: “cool now let me do that on you!”

There’s no place like home

Finally after 2 months of clicking our ruby slippers together we finally have a home…
So here I sit on top of a box in our new apartment, a faint smell of paint still in the air and our bed (that was supposed to be delivered today) nowhere to be seen. But still, there is no place like home. To have all your things even if they are in boxes, to have your own bathroom and your own living room where we can unwind after a hard days  work.

Celebration is in order … oh yea and unpacking…

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