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Christian Segno

As we are starting our new Christian martial arts school, we have decided to let go of the eastern martial arts and take up western martial arts. There are several martial arts systems created in the western world and one of the most successful ones have been penned down by [[Fiore dei Liberi]] in his work [[Flos Duellatorum]] in which the foundation of his fighting art i based on the Segno.
When I look at the Segno, instead of seeing a clockwork progression or a hierarchy from down (earth) to up (spirit) I see Three earthly attributes surrounding a heavenly or spiritual attribute.

The key to this viewpoint is the heart. The lion is holding his paw upon a heart signifying it’s place in the diagram, that is in the middle. If that would be true then we could connect the elephant to the legs (balance and strength coming from the legs), the tyger to the arms (flexibility but most of all the speed of the attack coming from the arms) and finally the lynx to the head (the thought and reason of tactics in the brain and the vision, reading the battle to the eyes).

This would also give a natural progression in martial arts starting at the base (earth/legs) with balance and working your way up through speed to finally root itself in pure thought with tactics.

It would also then be true, which I believe any Christian modern or medieval would attest to, that the virtue of courage, or as I would then read it valor, is not something you train but it comes from above. Therefore it is no coincidence that the Lion, the King of animals, The lion of Judah, The triumphant lord is placed in the middle tying it all together. Prov 4:23 states “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” or in KJV “The issues of life springs from it.” ie. all the virtues… The bible also gives us this clue from Prov 28:1 as to how to become courageous “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion

While becoming a master in your art will certainly give self confidence, that is not the same as valor, valor being the courage to do what is right, just and true.

The bible also states “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.” Prov 21:31 we may train and become masters (and indeed we must endeavor to become as good as we possibly can, see Eccl 9:10) but in the end it is in Gods hand if we live or die on the day of battle.

From a spiritual point of view these are the virtues that will let us a victorious Christian life as well.

FortitudoI am the elephant I carry a castle in my care and I never fall to my knees or loose my footing.
The elephant signifies strength and balance, to never waiver or stray of the path (Prov 4:27). What we truly need as Christians is radical balance, we need to be radical about protecting the creation and radical in acceptance, we need to be radical in proclaiming the truth and standing strong against deception at the same time as we need to be radical in seeking the gifts of the spirit and diving deep into the mysteries of the divine.
CeleritasI am the Tyger and I am so quick to run and turn, that the arrows from heaven cannot overtake me
The tyger symbolices speed and agility, in our Christian life me must never slow down and become complacent, We are in war and survival in enemy territory depends on mobility. (Prov 12:24, Rom 12:11)

PrudentiaNo creature can see as clearly as I, the Lynx And my method is always with compass and proportion
The lynx symbolizes reason and tactics but also the ability to read the fight, to see further than anyone else, to discern the difference between a feint and a true attack. As Christians we are commanded to be wise (Matthew 10:16) and to count the cost (Luke 14:28) We need to be able to discern the intentions of the enemy (Heb 4:12) and be wise to know who is our enemy (Heb 5:14)

AudatiaNone posesses a more ardent heart than the lion for I welcome all to meet me in battle
More than anything we need to have the heart of the Lion. We need to be courageous (Joshua 1:9) and unafraid. As good soldiers we need to welcome the fight and always be on the attack! But we have to recognize that [[valor]] comes from the Lord. It is because who He is that we can be bold as lions. (Rom 8:31). For he is the true Lion (Rev 5:5) The victorious, glorious Lion of Judah!


After what seemed like forever (eight days) my Sword arrived. I’ts a Hanwei – practical Longsword and I am surprised by the quality of the blade and mostly the wooden scabbard that came with it, The hilt is perfect length and it balances perfectly just about two hands above the hilt.

For the price I paid it was highway robbery. Of course the postage ended up costing as much as the sword, still cheaper than what the sword would have cost new from a retail store.

Now I only have to see how it handles in sparring, well it will be awhile before I can handle it well enough for sparring and before we have armor enough in the group to actually do any sparring.

What kind of dragon are you?

It’s a shame that the gold dragon requires magic or I’d have swung the “knight dragon” :PBut I guess I am not yet as refined as a knight or a palading but have to be labeled a mere warrior, not that I shun that title. If it on the Other hand is a pern dragon it means I have a shot at being Weir leader and that has it’s own appeal I guess :)

My inner dragon is the mighty warrior of dragon-kind. I don’t play silly head-games or use fruity magic, I stick to the basics: big muscles and lots of flame. Wipe that smirk off your face, pal. Click the image to try the Inner Dragon Online Quiz for yourself.

But what sort of a dragon would you be if that really was the whole story? You also like to stomp your enemies, incite human rebellions, start the occasional war, and spend lazy hours preening your battle aura. Your favorable attributes are strength, physical abilities, thriftiness, warmth, and longevity in battle. Just in case some puny human (or conniving Red Dragon) thinks they can get the drop on you, you’ve got a concealed breath weapon – gigantic masses of Fire. Hey, it’s the tried and true way to cook a cow in 0.75 seconds. Use it well, my friend.

Gods reminder.

God told me last night that I was being lazy, to much talk and to little hockey as we would say in Sweden. Anyhow, I was reminded once again that we are at war!

And as soldiers of light we need to attack the darkness at every chance we get. God is a man of war! (Ex 15:3) Ask yourself how are you furthering the cause of Justice today, how are you making the world a better place today? If we cannot answer that question today or any other given day we need to repent and start making this world a better place. Jesus was a man who went about and did good (Ask His close friends Acts 10:38). This means that if we want to be like Jesus we need to also go about doing good!

Yes we need to pray and worship, communing with God is indeed our highest calling, but if that alone time with God does not inspire us to go out and practically love our neighbor I question if you REALLY spent time with the God of heaven.

God is calling us to prepare for WAR, to march out and face the enemy head on, to set the captives free, to bring truth, justice and grace to a world rife with mercilessnes, injustice and deception.

9 Proclaim this among the nations:
Consecrate for war; [1]
stir up the mighty men.
Let all the men of war draw near;
let them come up.
10 Beat your plowshares into swords,
and your pruning hooks into spears;
let the weak say, “I am a warrior.”

11 Hasten and come,
all you surrounding nations,
and gather yourselves there.
Bring down your warriors, O Lord.

- Joel 3:9-11

Midsummer at Riga 1

Yesterday we had a fantastic celebration of Jani with the Riga 1 youth, started of with grilling and a grand meal followed by games that we all enjoyed… Then followed by movies until breakfast (yes a lot of movies).

At one time we watched Dress to Kill, my favorite Ediie Izzard DVD and as a bonus I would give a prize for anyone who could recognize jokes I had used in my preachings. At breakfast I was paid one of the highest compliments I have been given in a long time, Karina said:  Eddie Izzard was funny and I recognized a lot of jokes from your preaching but there was one of them that you did bettr!

fixing the bible

Last night I was watching an episode of firefly. In this episode River the over intelligent sister of the doc finds Rev. Books bible, Book is the shepherd (Priest) on the crew of the firefly. River starts reading the bible and finds that it has flaws and that it doesn’t make sense so she starts fixing it, by rewriting passages and cutting stories out.

Noah is a problem, there is no way to fit 55.000 mammals on a boat

Shepherd then tries to explain to a bewildered River about faith, and finally says: {{You don’t fix faith, faith fixes you!}}

Many Christians start out like River, they know that they believe in God but try to fit the word of God into a context that they understand and therefore try to rewrite the bible or just take out/ignore the passages that does not fit into their world view. Failing to realize that we are the problem it is us who don’t fit in.

It is only through the spirit that we can truly comprehend the word of God. And it is only by truly comprehending the word of God that we can make sense out of our own existance in Gods universe.

Look we have a creepy crawler

We thought Angelina was quick when it came to physical development, but it might be that her sister has her beat. In her first minutes Anja lift her head up. On day two she fixed her eyes on her parents. and now not even three weeks she crawled of the towel she was lying on on her bed, not once but several times.

We stand in awe and watch how quickly she is asserting herself in this new environment.

Obedience is better than sacrifice!

Twice today God has impressed this upon my heart, first this morning seemingly out of the blue, I heard God say these words. Then as me and Hanna sat through a preliminary interview to start of the process of applying to officers training I had to quote this word.

There are so many Christians and non Christians alike who buy of their concience by sacrificing money or things for a good cause and then think that they are done, but that is not what God asks for. All the sacrifice that has to be done, has been done. What God is asking of His children is obedience. Only in obedience to Christ will we be free as Christians.

And in obedience to Christ also comes obedience to leadership, to obey the leaders we have chosen to follow. While we choose to follow a leader, we must, once chosen obey that leader and in obedience will God bless what we do, even if the leader is wrong. (Now having said that I do not believe that we should obey a leader to commit sin, but if we have a leader that requires us to sin we need to leave whatever organisation or group we are in and seek God elsewhere)

In many countries and particularly sweden obedience has become a dirty word and everything is supposed to be democraticly voted for. Even in the Salvation army wich is a hierarchial organisation the leaders words are all too often second guessed and debated. But the bible is clear, obedience is better than sacrifice and rebellion is witchcraft! (1 Samuel 15:22-23)

Ambassadors of Christ

Paul the apostle writes that we are called to be ambassadors of Christ. a job that we best take seriously. We do not belong on this planet and when we head back home we want as many with us as possible because this titanic of an earth is sinking rapidly.

Today I had to talk to the Swedish embassy here in Latvia and being a swedish citizen I felt I had a right to expect som help from them and therefore indirectly from my ambassador, since my daughter Anja was born in Latvia by Swedish parents she has the right to be a Swedish citizen to. Upon calling the embassy I was astonished by how curt tone the secretary of the ambassador had and how clear it was that I and my problem was an annoyance to her.

I pray that when someone walks up to me in the capacity of an ambassador of Christ that I not only make that person feel that they have a right to be heard by heaven, but also that they have a heavenly Father that long for their return. My prayer is that we would be better ministers (helpers) to those who are seeking assistance from heaven than our earthly counterparts. May we never dissmiss a single person seeking our help!

It is now official

We are a Schola St. George study group (pending the others membership fees tho). So from now with some sporadic training in the summer we will start in earnest end of august and hopefully finish of our elephant class by late spring/ early summer 2007.

This is terribly exciting, I am just waiting for the training DVD to arrive and of course my sword ….

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