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Sign up for our longsword classes

This fall we will start with a western martial arts class based on Fiore Dei Liberis treatises from the 15th century. It will be a class going through a very fluid and coherent martial arts system with everything from wrestling to longsword fighting, with the longsword fighting being the main focus of the course. It will be great excersice for teh whole body, lots of fun for the soul and challenging teaching to renew your mind.

Swordplay is both fun and challenging. The classes will contain exercise for soul, mind and body as we will explore all the facets of knighthood.

The classes will be two hours every tuesday and we are hoping to do one more session every week late fall early winter, the price is 20 Lats for one years training and will be paid to Schola Saint George under which we will be studying. Hopefully we will be able to fly in one of teh Scholas instructors for Compagno testing in the spring.

You will be able to train in normal training clothes but will need to invest in a wooden waster at some pimt during the year. If you plan to go on to full contact sparring you will also need protective gear somewhere towards next summer.

We will only be able to take in a limited number of people this first year so sign up early if you want to participate.

Signup Form

State your full name, Adress, phone number, cell phone in the message field. We would also love to hear where you found out about this course.

To the extreme!

I might as well confess that I am an adrenaline junkey, I love the thrill when my body surges with adrenaline and danger is imminent, this is why I’ll throw myself out on a steep hill feet strapped down to a small board braving ice and snow, just to feel the wind in my hair and the rush as I zoom down the slope. This is why I would strap myself up to a 15m2 kite and let it drag me around over the waters as the wind incredible pull tugs me of the surface of the water.

When I patrolled with the angels it was the knowledge that I could at anytime be faced with 18th street or temple street gangbangers armed to the teeth (them not me) and have to deescalate a situation fused with danger and potential harm. When I am diving it’s the knowledge that I am immersed in a world closed off to normal people seeing sights that are not part of the every day routine. But also knowing that the only thing keeping me breathing down here is the tank on my back and the regulator in my mouth.

Do I have a deathwish? NO!!

I have a lifewish! I wish to feel alive, to suck the marrow out of life, to experience the fantastic life we have been given to the fullest. To go boldly where noone has gone before, to explore the fullness of my humanity, to reach the edge of my capacity and to grow, expand, and blow my horizons.

I believe it is the same with our faith. Just to believe in God is to throw yourself of a cliff not knowing if anyone will catch you, allthough He does, time and time again. The thrill of hearing the whisper of the spirit telling you to deliver a message from God. The rush of sharing your faith with complete strangers.

Our faith in God needs to be full throttle, only then will we get to experience the fullness of God.

We need to go boldly into the world and know that if God is for us, then surely we will not have to fear anyone who would go against us. Battles are dangerous places but we have double insurance. If the hurt us, Jesus will heal us, if they kill us we go to heaven with Jesus!

Not  deathwish but a lifewish or even better a Godwish. I wish to experience God to the extreme!

Are you a believer or a disciple?

My father have been here for a couple of days and even tho we may agree on many practical things we seldom see eye to eye on spiritual matters.

One thing that kept coming up in different conversations was whether or not you have to take your faith in account in every situation. The underlying fear of fanaticism and fundamentalism evident. At one point my father said:

Can’t you believe in God with out being a disciple?

While I think it is possible to believe and not follow (James 2:19). I do not think you can call yourself a Christian (Christian = like Christ) if you are not making an effort to become more and more like Christ everyday. Yes, it is asking a lot, and yes, the cost is very high to be a follower of Christ but as Paul said you are either a slave under your desires or a slave under God. or to quote Bob Dylan:

You gotta serve somebody, it might be the devil or it might be the Lord, but you gotta serve somebody.

In everything you do, you will be serving either the cause of God or the other side. Now why is it so incredibly scary with fanatic faith? We are not asking fanatic or blind following of a human leader like the sects do, we do not ask following orders without question, what we are asking is to follow the words of Jesus. Words that will not change, there is no secret agenda when you get deeper into it, there is just those words.

29 Jesus answered, “The most important is, ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. 30 31 The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:29-31)

This is the agenda of the fundamentalist Christian, Love. And then there is the spreading of the faith, making disciples …

So the choice is yours, you can believe there is a God and let it rest there, or you can follow Christ and be challenged by His words day by day. To follow Him and change into His likeness more and more for every step you take towards Sion.

I don’t think you can truly believe in Gods grace and His eternal sacrifice for us and not be moved to follow. I think when we grasp who God is it is a life changing moment, when we replace ourselves as center with God. When we replace our agenda with His agenda. When we forsake humanism (Human in the center) for Theism (God in the center). When we realize that God does not exist for our sake but we exist for his sake. At that point we have no choice but to become disciples of Christ wanting to be more like Him in everything we do.

Our purpose is LOVE!

This is a follow up to this post on the gay pride parade in Riga.

So everyone is talking about it, will there be a gay pride parade in Riga 2006? I am apalled at the stance the Christian churches in Latvia are taking to this. The Christian protesters are spreading hatred at town hall where they are marching against the gay organisations right to march. Isn’t it funny how easy it comes to some to take away the rights of someone the rights oneself take for granted.

What is even more embarassing is that the gay comunity is really taking the high ground here, saying that if they are not given permission to march they will absolutely not have an illegal march. Allthewhile the Christians are gathering several hours before their permit to demonstrate and thus breaking the law where the gay comunity refuses to break the law. All this according to LETA.

So today as I led morning prayer we read Matthew 5:43-48. The Bible makes it so abundantly clear. Even if the gay community where the evil, conspiring, master minds they are made out to be (and I do not believe they are, sure there are some rotten eggs in that comunity, but I have seen some pretty screwed up soldiers.) even so our course of action is clear, Love, do good towards, bless, pray for!

And heres the kicker, Jesus sais be ye perfect, the aramaic word Jesus is using is telios wich means purpose. So what Jesus is saying is fullfill your purpose, so what is our purpose? To love, and be loved!

Our purpose in life is to be loved by God and to spread that love to our fellow human beings no matter what state of sin or bliss they might live in! Judgement will come on judgement day and it is God who will preside over that with 100% truth, justice and grace. {{Our only job, our only purpose is to Love God with all our strength our heart and our mind and to love our neighbor as our selves}} (Mark 12:30-31). If we do anything less we are missing our purpose, missing our target and that is what we call sin.

In short whenever we commit actions that are not actions of love towards our neighbor or in this case our gay neighbor we are sinning, wich makes us not one iota better than these, who would alegedly destroy Latvian familly values, at least  according to som pop culture and political profiles commenting on the gay pride march.

We need to act in the oppsoite spirit to the world. When the world is selfish, we need to be generous; When the world is hating, we must be caring; When the world condems, we need to liberate and above all we must fulfill our purose and spread the light divine, the love of Jesus to everyone in our vicinity. If my supperior officer hadn’t forbidden it I would put on my uniform and march with these people to show that even tho we might not agree with their lifestyle or even their sexuality, we stand in solidarity with them as fellow human beings and gods creations.

The least I can do is to stand up and echo the plea from the gay rights organization Mozaika who

“…urges Latvia’s Christian congregations to strictly condemn all calls for violence and terrorism-like threats that have been voiced recently.” and also “…urge religious leaders not to ignore threats of terrorism and violence, but to urge people to live in peace and harmony,”

this statement as reported by LETA.

Potties, vacation and visits

So we are enduring the unnerving heat of Latvia knowing that we are close to vacation time. Angelina is out of her diaper, heat was killing her and now after a week she is almost potty trained read more about that at Hannas blog.

We are slowly getting ready to leave for Croatia (leaving on the 25th) and we will stay away for a month, oh it will be great to get to do nothing and just veg on the beach for a month. With a little luck I will get to brush up on my diving skills as well, I just sent of the preliminary emails to my diving center in Croatia. I am soooo looking forward to it.

Just before we leave tho my dad will pop over to Riga for a few days and as fate has it he is coming alone so I am hoping for a little father/son time and I am really looking forward to that as well.

Let’s take a stand

I am not much for celebrity campaigns, but this campaign is one that has not only been around for a long time (started with live aid and has been going for as long as I can remember). Now The world is ready to deal with the Poverty problem, so lets join up and make it happen.

What can you do?

  • Sign the declaration at
  • Tell your friends
  • Wear the wristband to tell others
  • Host an event / do a series in your cellgroup / preach about it
  • Get your hands dirty ….

It’s time that we as Soldiers, as church members go out ourselves and make poverty history, what can you do? See that old lady sitting outside your doorstep?

It’s time to act!

I’ll never get it…

Today I stepped out on the playground to have a chat with Graeme and Zoe as we where talking I heard shouts from the other side of the parking lot. It’s clearly a quarrel and as I am contemplating whether or not I should move in I see the first strike fall. Telling Graeme to call the police I rush towards the commotion.

The mean is clearly both drunk and doped up and as I move closer shouting at him to stop he grabs his ladyfriends hair and bashes her face into the brick wall. I raise my voice even louder to pierce his drunken stupor and he steps away as the woman hits the ground.

He starts telling me that everything is fine, His speech so blurred I don’t know if he is speaking Russian or Latvian but I have heard this speach hundreds of times before. I ignore him and focus my attention on the woman who is starting to get up. I ask her if shes ok, and she lets me know she is ok, I see in her eyes that she is ut of it with drugs and probably won’t feel the pain until she lands, but she starts to walk away from the incident on wobbly legs.

Then the inevitable but oh so unfathomable, he calls her back and she heeds him and they dissapear into an abandoned building.

Why would you volontarily walk into an abandoned building with someone who just shoved your face full force in a brick wall. Why, oh why, oh why would you …. I’ll never get it.


We couldn’t believe it when we heard it, we still couldn’t believe it when we had the tickets and yesterday it was finally time. [[Delirious?]] played their first concert in Latvia, and we where there.

And as if that wasn’t a blessing enough we also had a baby sitter so both me and Hanna could fully enjoy the concert and worship our hearts out for the one and a half hour concert (and good thing we had a good baby sitter since the band s flight was three hours delayed and thus gave the concert a REALLY slow start.)

I had no idea how starved I was for real worship, I had no idea how much of my freedom and joy I had lost. But when [[Martin Smith]] opened with Rain Down I started crying, and I had a fantastic time worshipping with Delirious? all the way until the end.

There are few bands that can play a rocky set and then manage to get in a healing, soothing, and absolutely lifetransforming worship in the midst of that. Delirious? can and did.

God also showed me how I had lost faith throughout the years, when the opening riff of History maker echoed through the hall God made it plain to me that we can change the history of this nation, we can make God famous in Latvia, we just need to raise the bar! I have talked the talk, it’s time to walk the walk.

Never surrender, never give up. It’s time to paint this old town red, with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Car again.

So the car is half fixed and in the end it will cost us 450 Lats, putting a serious dent in our non existing funds.

Living in the center of Riga with two kids the car is an absolute must, we have to be able to get out of the city, since there are very little for the girls to do in the summer and NOTHING in the winter.

Please pray that we will be able to secure the funds to fix the car.

Good men aren’t found, they are made.

It is not easy being a man in todays world, sometimes it seems like the whole world conspires to make it as hard as possible for us.

In a world like this is you’re not a good man by accident, It takes hard work and good support. But good support doesn’t grow on trees that is why I got so happy when I saw this site.

Hopefully fellowships like this will make it easier for men to become good men and stay that way!

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