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It is time!

It is time for Harvest in Latvia NOW!

God told me this morning to stop being silly and just go out on the field and harvest, the time is now, the place is Latvia, are you ready?


I just got a phonecall I have been waiting for, for some time now. The official response from the Salvation Army Officers school assesment conference.

We have been accepted for Officers training and will if all goes well start our training in the fall 2007 in London Where we would be trained for two years before returning to Sweden for our appointment.

This have been long coming and we have been going back and forth on this so many times since we joined the army that now when the moment is finally here, it is with a mix of excitement and dread that we take the next step towards the high calling God has before us.

Please pray for us!

Dance with me!

The past days I have been working hard to get my prayer life in order, getting up at 06:00 every morning to get an hour of prayer in before the family wakes up and the workday starts. It has been great, apart from the fact that everything possible has happened to make sure I wouldn’t get up in the morning, like children awake all night, wife getting sick etc… but that is another post alltogether.

This morning I found that I had few words to put to my prayer, so I did what I have been taught to do, I go on in tounges knowing that then Gods spirit wil help me pray (Rom 8:26).

As I was going on in tounges I felt the rythm of the worship getting a hold of me and I started dancing, small baby steps at first and then I just let go and danced like I was at a rave…. I felt the Joy of the Lord filling my soul and I shouted out to God;

– Dance with me!

I must have looked silly dancing like a madman, tears streaming down my face and a grin like a 3 year old on Christmas eve. But I wonder if someone would have looked into the room if they would have seen one person dancing or two. As I danced wilder and wilder throughout the song I felt (literally) God smile at me. What a wondrous thing to feel Gods smile over you, there is nothing in this world that compares to that! Except maybe dancing to the majestic sound of the sunrise with the creator of the universe.

Hanna is ill

Hanna has been throwing up all night and she is not keeping any liquids, please pray for her as this is double hard for her, breastfeeding Anja at the same time.

The silver lining is that I get to spend some quality time with Angelina today even tho she is being impossible, sensing that something is not right, she is refusing to do anything at all.

Guitar trouble

So my electric guitar is singing on it’s last chorus. The head is cracked and I have to retune it between every song since its barely holding together at all. Prices for fixing it is higher than a new guitar so we will have to invest.
For some this might be a prayer answered but it is of course a disaster for our worship team and especially for the youth nights.

So now I am out with the beggars hat, we can definately not afford a guitar on our family budget but we do need one for the worship team, for the youth service and for all the other youth/music stuff we do. If you have an old (but working) electric guitar that you feel would be put to better use with us in Riga or if you would care to donate funds towards a new guitar please contact me as soon as possible.

We are praying for a quick solution to this problem.

Not for you

As I was driving to Bauska today for a longsword workshop I was passed by a Lexus doing at least double my speed. On the license plate was the tantalizing message “NOT4YOU”

Isn’t it just a typical sign of todays society, the here but not any further mentality. It’s the I am better than you attitude….

The funny thing is this has been in our heritage as well. The holiest of holy in the temple in Jerusalem must have had a similar sign saying “NOT4YOU”. And the Rabbis that entered had a very I am holier than thou look on their faces as they where let through to meet with God.

But it is such a joy to be the follower of Jesus. He who had “YES4YOU” on a plate stuck on the cross where He strethced out His arms and died for our collective sins, yours and mine. As he died the divide in the temple broke so that everyone could see into the Holy of Holies.

We can boldly say to any one who asks, – Yes for you!

YOU are the Salvation Army!

Lats week as I was being interviewed by the vice principal of the Swedish officers school she asked me a question that ground me to a mental halt, – What is the Salvation Army, she asked?

I started to think, then I started describing the army, the way I think it should be, not nessesarily the way it is. I think we all do that to some extent, when someone asks us what the army is we paint the picture of what we want the army to be and not what it is today.

Half way into my description of the army as a radical lightweight mission organisation; Standing in the frontline of the battle constamntly charging and attacking the enemys camp, I was cut of by the next startling remark…

– Do you realize that you are describing yourself?

And I was. I was describing myself, my calling and my understanding of what it means to be a Christian. I bit perturbed I stopped and said well is that wrong? Promptly she assured me that it wasn’t and continued saying, – You must realize that YOU are the Salvation Army, just as I am the Salvation Army, whatever we do the Salvation Army does, since the Salvation Army is the members in it!

What a mindblowing thought, it is time to sop complaining about what the army is or what it should be. Lets just BE the Salvation Army and, to steal the (somewhat modified) motto of another army, be all that we are called to be!

Be the army, DO whatever you think we SHOULD be doing! Attack the enemy and help those lost to the enemies vile schemes! Lets join in the cause of our Lord and Saviour, to destroy the works of the Devil (1 John 3:8)

How do we decide what the army should do next, where the army should go next, well it will go wherever you go!

So go boldly forward and be the Salvation Army!

Prayer cover

It is a wondrous thing, having people pray for you…. last thursday when we where having our interviews for officership we had many people praying for us. People in Riga where praying and people in Sweden both from our corps and Nationally and that day everything went fantastic. Even better than fantastic, Angelina was behaving all the time and Anja was sleeping and feeding like clockwork. And to top it off when we went to Söderkåren for our final interview there was a parking spot in front of the door (anyone who has been there and tried to park in the area on a week night can attest that that is a true miracle)

So having people praying for you is great, but the day after. Why don’t we pray on the day after to absorb the after shock. It is almost like the devil can’t get you for a whole day and when he can break through the next day he gives you all he’s got.

We had also been concentrating very hard to make everything right that one day so when we relaxed on friday it all went to crappers as the family saying goes.

The wonderful thing about prejudice

Before me and Hanna went to sweden to visit the officers school we where full of prejudice, we thought the school would be dry and boring, the treaching dull and the teachers likewise.
But we where wrong, the teaching we recieved at OS was excellent and the teachers where lively and engaging. We where challenged and encouraged.

The wonderful thing about prejudice is that most times you are proven wrong!

Our week at Ågesta

Just home now from an exciting week in Sweden. Hanna, the girls and I have spent one week at the Swedish Officers school in Ågesta to, among other things, be interviewed for possible officership.

It was a fantastic week in Sweden with sunshine everyday and the beautiful views of the Stockholm archipelago where the OS is situated just south of Stockholm. We had the good fortune to have brought  baby sitter for Angelina who got to enjoy the sunshine and the indian summer while we where treated to some excellent teaching by a wide variety of Swedish officers. The classes where great and challenging and to top it of we where treated to the finest of swedish cuisine.

The Interviews also went well (at least as far as we can tell) and we think that we have a good chance of entering officers training as cadetts in 2007, please pray with us as we embark on this fantastic adventure.

We also got to spend a week with the Swedish cadetts in the 2006 class and had great fellowship with them.  At the end of the week I also had the good fortune of spending some quality time with some of the people attending Ågesta folkhögskola, a great bunch who where hungry for life and inquisitive about our faith. I got to pray with one of the girls and trust God to send her the miracle she needs (please pray with me).

In teh weekend we got to spend some time with family and friends and we are so thankfull to have family and friends who will rustle up a great meal out of nowhere at no notice at all just to treat us while we are in town, Thanx guys and God bless you.

All in all it was a very successful if tiresome trip, now we are vegging at home ready to take on whatever the future may hold.

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