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The trials of life

Angelina was watching Joseph this morning and as I was watching the beginning of this cartoon it struck me how, no matter how hard Josephs father tried to create a protected environment to lead Joseph to his destiny, Joseph still had to go through the worst possible trials to get to the pharaos hous and the fullfillment of his dreams.
It is like it says in the proverbs, we might make plans that seem right, but it is ultimately God who brings us to the place where we need to be and it is the way we get there that is the process God uses to equip us for the task he has appointed us to do.

My mentor Colin Hatcher gave me this proverb “Torture, cries the ore in the furnace. Thankyou, says the well tempered steel”

But what also strikes me is that it is not the trial in itself that gets us where we need to be, the trial holds no value of it’s own. It is how we respond to the trial that builds or breaks us. It is our response to adversity that makes us grow into the person God wants us to be.

When we respond positively, with grace and praise in the face of adversity we grow in patience and character, we grow stronger. It is also true that how we respond to pressure is a measure of how far we have gotten in our quest for holiness. Or like Magnus Persson would put it: When you squeese the tube you will see whats on the inside. Or as the bible says, the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

How do you respond to the trials of life? Do you praise God for His everlasting love and goodness or do you curse the bitterness of reality? Remember everytime we get it right, we grow closer to God, we take one step closer to our goal, one step closer to our pharaos house.

Eight years and counting…

Olterman family win the Bronze!

Today is our eigth wedding anniversary. It is a miracle that we have made it this far. It also fills me with awe and wonder. If we can handle all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes and a sea of troubles, then there is nothing we cannot take on.

Marriage is a battlefield on wich your honor is tested every day. Unlike the list field where you have a short test of prowess, honor and largesse. Marriage mounts a full scale assault on your kindness, patience and most of all honor twentyfour hours a day, seven days of the week. It is no wonder Paul the apostle uses a happy marriage as a qualifying trait for leadership of the early church. If you can win the battle of marriage, there is no battlefield you cannot conquer.

I am not writing this as if I have attained the prize, as if we have made it, but we have gotten this far and we are fighting on to make it. Yes we have lost some batlles but we have won countless more. I hope that one day we can say that we fought the good fight all the way, we stuck together we won the war!

I pray that one day we will look at our marriage and say that we fought the battle with prowess, courage, honesty, loyalty, generosity, faith, courtesy, nobility.

I also pray, that every day, I will bring honor to my Lady!


The challenge…

Last week I was challenged by the instructor of one of Rigas swordfighting schools to a friendly sparring match. As I love to duel I could not resist but accepted willingly. I had met Nikolai once before at his school and I fought him by the rules they have there and I was delighted to now face him in my home court.

Nikolai showed up for training and was put through our rigourous drilling of the SSG elephant plays, allthough he declined to participate in our warmup and stretching drills. After a long and hard training, we where done and Nikolai demanded a sparring session.

He was not very happy with our rules and though I do not understand Russian I think I caught the gist of his many remarks (sometimes it is a blessing not to know the language). It was soon very clear that this was no friendly sparring match but a testing of prowess and fortitude.  The real test however was to make it through with a smile on your face, It is my sincere prayer that I passed that test.

So by popular demand and without any further ado, I give you the first few minutes of that encounter

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In memoriam

For my grandmother who passed away last week, some of my fond memories,. If it doesn’t make sense to you, I guess you just weren’t there. God give her soul rest!

Vävstol, växtpress, renfana, raggsockar
kaffe termos, packlista, gummistövlar
skidåkning, filtar, tio kaffe, te, sherry
promenader, vandringsstav, mossa,
köttbullar, julbord fjällvandring,
njupeskär, folkdräkt, munspel
Prästkrage, King, frida, Zon terapi,
“men jag har varit sjuk också”
morötter, värmlandia, mer mossa
linfrön, C-vitaminer, livsglädje
varm choklad i hjärtemuggar


A new year, a new direction…..

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, mostly about what direction my life is now taking. Going into training college in fall and heading into Salvation Army officership. I look ahead and I just don’t know where the road will take me, while the path is clearly marked out the end is very obscure.

It is scary not to know where we will end up, to hand over the leadership in your life to someone you don’t really know, having to trust that your leaders have listened to God and that they will send you where He wants you.

The other road I am walking down is the road to knighthood, the knightschool is running and we are a good number of Squires but unfortunately no Knights. We need rolemodels who can steer us on the path and help us top reach that goal.

This blog being a fusion of my scrambled life will hopefully become clearer as the different paths I walk merge into one. Hopefully the WARCRY will be just that. A clear call to arms, a signpost pointing to the battle field, encouraging Gods people and all defenders of the Faith to step out on the battle field and play an active part in the salvation of the world and the battle against evil.

A screamin new year!

And a happy one at that, I wish you all a beautiful 2007. Now I go to Sweden for the Salvation Army national youth conference where I am the main speaker. Hopefully I’ll say what God wants me to say (especially since the harddrive with all my notes broke down today so I am travelling with nothing).

I had a quiet New Years, well at least until 2 minutes to twelve when I went down to Riga 1 and spent the last and first minutes of last and this year with the Riga 1 youth and they screamed and screamed and screamed and they are still screaming ….

Happy New Year!

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