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Coup d’etat by THS today at Riga 1

Today was a really good day at Riga 1, Prayer before the service was powerful and the spirit of God was evident. The worship Rawked and on top of that The testimoys where so many and so powerful Sarah decided to skip the preaching, it was a real praise party!

God is good and he is doing things today!

A rambling saturday post

I really don’t have anything to write today, so I’ll settle for a status report. I have an old friend from Malmö visiting this weekend, Björn Flintberg one of the old garde Tomtar och Troll people from the olden days. We are sharing a lot about how our life turns out and how he made the journey fromhard core Wiccan to a disciple of Christ, it is amazing to see how God works in peoples lives.

Last night we had a great youth meeting in Riga 1 talking about the prophetic life, women in ministry and manure. If you can’t figure out the connection then I guess you should have been there *evilgrin*

This morning we got a letter from William Booth College asking for pictures and a small paragraph about how we feel about going to college forpublication in the salvationist. It hits me again …. weare going to college in september, we are becoming officers!!

Fear not, I am with you!

Today we where visited shortly by Vic and Rose Poke whom held a short prayer at our coffe break. The word God had for us was from Isaiah 43:5 “Fear not, for I am with you…”

And while most of us may shrug that of as something obvious I was struck by the incredible power of that simple fact. God is with us, all the time, everywhere, He walks with us and talks with us, we can hear His voice daily and absorb His presence, His Shekina1 What an awsome promise, what a sweet declaration of Love (Isaiah 43:1, Isaiah 43:4).

Faith is an awesome power, to be certain of things not seen, to know that God is with us and therefore we can walk fearless, no wonder Faith is one of the Knightly virtues. It gives us the power to stand up against injustice even though our voice might be the only one shouting, it gives us the power to walk tall against the stream because we know that even though it might look like it, we do not walk alone.

Fear not, God is with you today!

  1. Shekina, the hebrew word for the radiance, the glory of God []

iPod shuffle trouble in Feisty and an easy fix!

Yesterday at Hannas request I gave her an apple and a hug for her birthday. It turns out Hannas brand new pink iPod shuffle doesn’t play well in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn despite what a superficial google scan might tell you.

Jump straight to the summary if you are impatient….

I tried to add songs to it with Rythmbox, Banshee, gtkpod, gtkpod-aac all these applications could add songs but none of them played (and yes I first converted my precious ogg files into mp3)

It turns out the device needs to be initialized on a windows machine with iTunes installed, so off I went to hunt for windows machines, luckily I realized that I have not yet formated a windows partition on one of my laptops so I was off to a good start. After that I tried to add songs to the iPod again with these various programs and while I could add songs some songs played and others didn’t and when I removed songs they dissapeared from all the programs but still played in the shuffle. Aaaargh and frustration.

As I was trying to install iTunes in crossover office and realizing that the version that works with crossover is to old for the shuffle I was ready to toss the thing and jump off a cliff when I found this little python script. Thank God for hackers! It is a tiny script that sits on your iPod and when you copied the mp3 files over to your shuffle in any directory you like with any name you want, you just run the script and viola

presto working iPod shuffle.


  1. Initialize (or restore if you allready have stuff on it) the iPod shuffle in iTunes on a windoze machine
  2. Copy all the music you want in mp3 format (get SoundConverter with ‘apt-get install soundconverter‘ if your files are in other formats) to your iPod shuffle in nautilus
    using any file structure that makes sense to you
  3. Copy in the script to the root of your iPod shuffle and double click it in nautilus (and select run)
  4. Eject your iPod shuffle and enjoy your music

Hannas Birthday

So no blog post today, It’s Hannas birthday and I am swamped. I woke her up this morning with a whoopla, a latte with fresh pastries from Martinas Bekerija. Hanna had wished for an apple and a hug so I gave her and Apple Ipod-shuffle inscribed with the words from our wedding band and the promise I made to her on our wedding day in Croatian.

Hoping she enjoyed the morning and the whoopla and on to plan the little celebration we will have at tonights small group.

Good Saint Georges day!

Stockholm-Gamla_Stan-6Today is the traditional day of Saint George the patron saint of Knights, Scouts, Canada, Catalonia, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, the cities of Istanbul, Ljubljana and Moscow, as well as a wide range of professions, organisations and disease sufferers.

Saint George is shrouded in Legend and no one really knows who he was or whathe really did. Some want him to be a great martial hero, some want him to be a non violence rolemodel, a social reformer and many other things. Historians are trying to dig up facts to show proof of different things so that one of our favorite Saints can be used to fit their agenda or to prove that the truth of Saint George has been used to further soone elses agenda.

But what about the legend, the myth, the story isn’t there room in todays society for Saint George of Legend, who rode out to face the evil Dragon, not knowing if he would survive the encounter or not. The little guy with a pure heart and noble spirit taking on the foul beast.

The human race have always told stories some true, some fiction, some a mixture of both. Isn’t it important especially in this age of lightning communication and deluge of information to revive the story telling. The grand and epic tales that speak of bravery and virtue; Self sacrifice and heroism.

Today lets celebrate the brave catalan Knight who rode out and smote the evil dragon, a man who stood up against evil for the sake of goodness. Let’s be inspired by that. Let’s stand up against evil today,lets be good for goodness sake!

The non religious fanatic

It is strange and almost humorous to watch Christer Sturmark argue against religious beliefs trying to sell the secular society as the only viable future of the world.

In todays article in expressen Sturmark attacks  religous beliefs with what can only be likened to a religious frenzy as he explains that humanistic values are the salvation for our society that has been opressed by religion for far to long.

I cannot help but wonder what country Christer Sturmark lives in seeing that the religious opression in Sweden that he is fighting consists mainly of a minister on Gotland running a school church liked by Christian, muslim and atheist alike (oh except for the one humanist that got angry) or the fight against the horrid gideon bibles in the Scandic hotel rooms (again one humanist was offended) and Scandic removes the bibles in 130 hotels while happily serving porn in every hotelroom. I would like to personally recommend Christer Sturmark to get one of Mackan Anderssons humanist kits so that he can evade the heavy religious opression in Sweden.

Further in the article Sturmark makes an argument that the 25 top placed countries in UNs human development index are the countries with least believers.  Sturmark also mentions young women dying in illegal abortions as a crime of the church and the spreading of HIV in Africa being the fault of the catholic church for not condoning condoms. Sturmarks own brand of twisted logic is disregarding other factors like monetary standard and that the general wellfare of the country  could have anything to do with how often human rights are violated. He also chooses to ignore the fact that the churches of the world stand for almost all social innovation and aid whereas the humanist might have made the most contributions towards a democratic society they are not in the lead of social welfare and aid to those who are hurting.

Sturmarks comes across as a anti religious fanatic using very religious language and I can only agree whith the opposition, Christer Sturmark is by his rethorics guilty of all those things that he is accusing the religious movement of doing.

Anjas first steps

After a month of wobbling Anja is gaining her elephant, she has balance and control! Watch her walk here.

Graceful power.

I was reading Brian Price’s Boook of the Tournament this morning. There was this passage talking about why we do what we do, that is suit up in full armor and fight in the chivalric tournament. And aside from fighting for the romance and the dream, aside from honoring the chivalric form we have the challenge of Prowess, Brian Price writes:

Less lofty and more tangiable than this philosofical goal, however is the challenge of Prowess. The development of swordsmanship takes years of practice to build the physical coordination, the familiarity, the confidence and the focus nessecary for graceful power. It is this grace in ability, this making the difficult look easy that is a key element of a knightly style; a crisp, simply elegant series of movements that likens fighting to a dance.

We have all seen it in certain martial artist in some movies where it is the elegance and grace yet power and presence of a hero that makes him or her such a great rolemodel.

But taking the concept further I think this is what we need to aim for as Christians, a powerful discerning that will leave no question of right and wrong with a grace that will lend the power of transformation to the people around us.

Graceful power, justice delivered with a silk gloves. It is the turning of the cheek, the meeting of hostility with a warm and kind smile, the loving embrace for those who deserve it the least. This is the mark of a Disciple Knight.

For all of you about to rock, I salute you!

PICT1699Last night when Hanna went to her small group I didn’t know what to do with myself I was bored… When I asked Hanna what to do she said whatever you do, have fun!

So I decided to blow the evening off with something fun. I Downloaded [[Frets on Fire]]1 and hoped it would have at least half an hour entertainment value. I was wrong, I was sooo wrong, I was hooked!

I have heard from Various people that guitar hero was supposed to be fun, I was sceptical. I was even more sceptical that an open source version using your keyboard as a guitar could be any fun at all. But it was. Loads of fun. Due to the game idea being extremely simple and the Frets on Fire unique keyboard setup and stance, It RAWKS!

I urge you, if you have ever been into playing music, if you love rock, download your copy today and rock on.

A few words of caution:

  • You will get addicted
  • You will get pain in your fingers
  • You might break your keyboard
  • You WILL look very silly.
  1. An open source guitar hero clone []
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