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A little break….

We found a good price for tickets to go to Oslo which is only two and a half hours drive from where my grandparents (now my mothers) summer place. So we took a time out and escaped to the swedish archipelago.

PICT2394It started out with a two hour flight to Oslo then a three hour wait. two hours bus to Tanums hede and a 40 minutes ride to Hamburgsund where Mom picked us up at the ferry. Exhausted we crashed into bed (after putting together the crib and baby chair from IKEA)
PICT2417Midsummers eve started in rain, rain and more rain. It is the first time I have been there on Midsummers and it actually rained the whole time. The dance was cancelled and we resorted to eating our Sill and Strawberry cake inside. I introduced the familly to Frets On Fire and it was a great success on a rainy day. On the second day the rain held up and somebody arranged a day after dance with a makeshift mini Dancing around the may polemaypole and tradition was restored. Silly dances where danced and the kids (or rather everyone feeling young at heart) got their candybags. On the third day we where blessed with brilliant sunshine so both Anja and Angelina could explore outside.

The highlight of the trip for me and possibly Angelina was climbing to the highest top of the island and looking out over the magnificent view, archipelago, ocean, tiny cars and cows far away just standing at the top of the world looking out. Once down me and my brothers where exhausted and out of breath Angelina said “top! Lets GO!” and pulled my hand to take her up again.

Top of the world

Now we are home again for two days washing and repacking to go to the Salvation Army congress next weekend. We did a little maths and realized that on this next trip Angelina will have flown over 20 airplane rides and she is only three!

WSD celebration!

CIMG5600Today we finished of the WSD instructors course and ended our WSD – Womens self defence course with a graduation of our students. they all exceeded my expectations and showed unprecedented feats of warrior spirit, prowess and plain old whoop *ss! (pardon my french)

CIMG5623So today I prodly present three new Compagnos, one new Scholar0 minore, three new Scholaro maggiore and four newly appointed instructors whereof three will run the Riga WSD Schola when we leave Latvia.

The course has been great in itself but the graduation today really hit the spot. These Latvians turned from Martial arts students into amazons within the course of the test. Warrior spirit flowed and all the students performed excellent. This is the first full class I have graduated since we ran a Guardian Angels dojo. In the Angels Warrior Spirit was a nessesity and it came naturally in the training because it was needed to survive on the streets. I really didn’t know how to teach this to a non Angel class. The transformation from martial artist to warrior just happened and these amazons fought just as well as any angel I have ever trained.

I am now convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that these amazons are ready to take on the task of running the schola and instructing the WSD classes.

Why is this blog not updated?

I am in the middle of preparing three summer camps and finishing of a complete martial arts manual. It is four huge tasks and therefore I have little or no time for anything else. I will continue posting the Knight school material and maybe a sporadic post here and there.

The blog will spring to life again in august when  I have finished the move to London and hopefully have a whole new culture to bash (just kidding, gosh you britts take verything serious :P) and my first steps as a Salvation Army Cadet to report on.

Chivalric virtue #5

Here is the next installment of the Chivalric virtues series, this time we are talking about generosity. Maybe in a much broader or deeper sense than what the word is usually assosiated with, but I think this is a core value in chivalry as well as in Christian life….

Please let me know what you think.

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Thoughts on loyalty

In our small group yesterday we watched Swing kids to provoke our thoughts on what [[loyalty]] is and what it means. The movie is about a group of teenagers who like swing music at the rise of Hitlers reign in germany. And the teenagers have to choose between going with the mainstream and becoming hitler jugend or staying rebels with risk of persecution. They also had to choose between politically correct and family.

As such it is a great movie but it takes the concept of loyalty one step further. Do you stay loyal in your heart and pretend to be part of the world or do you wear your loyalty proudly and shout it from the rooftops?

What kind of Christians are we? Are we the kind of Christians who in the face of possible persecution will wear our colors and shout out our allegience to God like Daniel and his friends in Babylon, like the disciples of Jesus after pentecost or are we scared and powerless in hiding?

I for one will proudly wear my uniform, shout out on the streets that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords! And I pray that I will not only be loyal to my Faith but I will proudly display my allegience to God in the face of anything and anyone!

Grounding myself for the summer…

As my time in Latvia is drawing to a close I find myself asking what legacy I will leave behind if any. The Youth I have been working with for 18 months are changed, but will they stay on the path? Will they continue to grow in freedom and express their diverse callings loud and proud? Or will they grow quiet and sink into tradition and liturgy?

Will they continue to become more chivalrous and become a new generation of modern day Knights in Latvia and by their virtue change the temperature around them or will they compromise their commitment and settle for less.

Either way I find myself in a race with time to impart the last it of my knowledge to these teenagers, hopefully empowering them to take a few steps on the path and maybe giving them a thirst for more that will last them a lifetime.

So as I am trying to take measures to ensure their growth spiritually I am also hoping that they will continue the martial training I have started with them, both as spiritual enrichment for themselves but also as an evangelistic tool for the future.

In mid June I am hosting a WSD Instructors camp consisting of three days hard core instructors training designed to empower the youth to continue running the WSD schola and the SSG Schola as study groups when I leave. In doing so I am also preassured to finish my WSD Instructors manual in the next three weeks. It is a huge job to convert, compress and refine all my martial knowledge into writing and then researching the WMA base to find the equivalent techniques referenced in medieval manuscripts.

The hardest bit is the ground fighting wich incidently is my favorite part. I am struggling to build a Fiore based (or even WMA version) of any ground work, it seems they all stopped fighting once their opponent hit the ground. Colin Hatchers reply to this is “well since they all carried a dagger once one person was grounded it was over”. Although I give this train of thought a lot of credit I doubt that there was no wrestling going on in the italian barriers, I also doubt that there was no training in it. We just haven’t got any of it recorded.

So I am facing a dilemma, in the absence of medieval refernces, do I just fill the void with modern MMA techniques or do I make assumptions based on the techniques we actually have documented and say, well if Fiore did this standing up, it kinda makes sense that he would be doing it on the ground only turned this or that way to account for the floor being in the way.

Whatever way I’ll be going with this it proves to be an interesting summer, with blue knees and sore muscles.


Anjas first Birthday

Today was Anjas first birthday, It is insane that a year has gone by so fast. We had a great sunday with family service in church then cake and song with friends.

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Chivalric virtue #4

Here is the Knightschool talk on Loyalty posted on Youtube for your pleasure!

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