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Another week in the UK

So here we are a week has passed, we still have no Internet but at least we can check our email on our blacberries now (Thanx Warren!!) We have nearly unpacked and we are starting to get to know the people in our building.

The place is great for the girls and they have found many new friends it will be great for them to start at the nursery on tuesday! I have had my first class (IT training at THQ) and passed my first testwith merit :P

Hanna is going to the IT training on monday and then we have tuesday to school in the kids and on Wednesday we take off!

As soon as I figure out how to make it happen we will post images in our gallery!

I am an alien!

It is so frustrating to be in a foreign country. We are trying to sort out some internet connection and mobile phones which is proving to be extremely difficult unless you are a citizen.

You cannot get a phone without a credit rating, you cannot get a credit rating until you have had a bank account with incoming salary for at least three to six months and to top it of the banks I been into today tell me I cannot get a bank account until I lived in the country for six months. 

So, no internet for us until summer 2008. Which means no Skype, no phonecalls to Croatia or America. No contact with friends ….. The worst part was the phone warehouse who let me return with all my proofs of identity the second time and after three hours of processing (and I am standing with my new phone in my hand and already memorizing my new phonenumber) when they tell me oh sorry, no we can’t do this unless you have an English bank account.

I am an alien, I am a legal alien a Swedish man in London! 

First week in England

So here we are at William Booth college. It is a strange feeling to stand in our new flat filled with boxes and every surface covered with knick-knacks and do-dawds.

I don’t even know how to put words to all the conflicting emotions and thoughts I have at this point. Two weeks ago I was on the mission field doing national youth work in Latvia today I am a student at a college in London (I don’t really feel like a cadet yet, since we have not been in uniform).

The girls are having a good time everyday new friends stop by to play with them and take them out to the play ground hich is marvelous, I have a feeling they will love our two years here.

Me and Hanna feel completely left out and cut of from the rest of the world. We have no mobile phones (hence no phonebooks with numbers of friends, if you are a friend email me your number!!) and no internet access. The college has an “Internet cafe” but the computers are slower than old PIIs running XP it is horrendous, you pay for half an hour and spend 15 minutes logging in. There is no way to get broadband in the flat except if you get a Mobile internet GPRS from 3 or Vodaphone but i have a terrible feeling we are going to need a british citizen to sign for it for us since we have no work here or in Sweden hence no credit rating. So there it is we are just off the mission feild feeling blue with no contact with any of our friends. It is very lonely. If you are a friend give us a ring or send us a post card, we would really appreciate it. (The phone number and adress is posted on my contact info on facebook, friends only)

On top of that most of the college is empty since we are one of the first families to arrive (and we have also arrived before most of the staff) so it’s a bit of a ghost town.

I am sure everything will sort itself out whith time, and we are happy we are here, just wish it would start allready! 

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