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We are doing our social placement this week at Springfield Lodge (Splodge) and so far it has been a great experience. It is good to be among youth again and (Un)Normal people. People here at the college are just far to grown up for me. But then again to classify our session as normal is a bit of a stretch seeing that we are all barking mad.
Just getting a foot out in the “Real” world and, if only for a week, forgetting about Harvard referencing systems, Doctrines, Patriarchs, essays and word counts.

It’s been a blast and we feel revived again. Maybe we will survive the month of November after all with one major piece of work due every Friday until Christmas break.

And Angelina said that it was good.

Angelina walks in to our bathroom yesterday morning asking,

What are you doing?


(confused stare from Angelina)

I am taking off the hair from my face, I say

Angelina nods gravely and says, It is good!

There are so many things I want to write, so many things happening with us. College challenges us in so many ways and if you have the time and inclination pray for us!

  • Pray that we find a way to organize our time effectively
  • Pray that we won’t break under the pressure.
  • Pray that we can reconstruct our faith after it has been deconstructed
  • Pray that we don’t loose our zeal.
  • Pray hat we do not become sausages!
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