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On the discipline of prayer


There’s a lot of talk about silent prayer and personally I have always found it hard to pray silently.

It’s not that I think praying silently is wrong, I just consider it a higher discipline. I don’t know about you but most of the time when someone asks you to bow your head and take a moment with God in silence, I have essay drafts, shopping lists, sermon seeds and a lot of other static noise going through my mind.

I hear God in the earthquake and I have yet to learn the discipline of hearing God in the whisper.

Field 5

Field five

The pressure is constantly on here at college, but some students, who shall remain nameless to protect the “Innocent“, have excelled in field five.

Field five is the study of pranks and practical jokes. So far only tutors have been targeted but who knows where this will lead?!

Todays comic is somewhat of an inside joke, but the gist of it is that in response to an anecdote Gordon Cotterill came to his office one morning, only to find 39 tubs of [[Angel delight]] placed around his office.

On uniforms

On uniforms

Uniforms are obviously discussed a lot, what to wear, when to wear it. Going caroling there have been a bit of confusion about the storm jackets that prompted this cartoon.

Please do leave a comment if you enjoyed it (or if you didn’t)

College Bluez


College seems to be getting on everyones nerves, including mine. I think the biggest issue is the fact that there is precious little time for us to reflect, digest and contemplate all that is being said in class and not the actual fact that we are taught many things that turn our beliefs up side down.

Anyhow this little cartoon is my contribution, if it made you smile it was worth the work I put into it.

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