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Very good indeed


As time marches on here at William Booth College we are finally getting some of our papers back. Overall we are both doing good but I think that for Hanna the highlight of the month was getting our new testament papers back. I managed to write a “very good” essay while Hanna’s came back as “Very Good Indeed”.
I will no doubt hear about this ’till my hair turns grey, but at this rate that will be sometime this spring.

Language and Spirituality


One could imagine with a title like that, that this was going to be a real serious post… But alas it is not!

Hanna has always wondered how she would do if we where to go as missionaries to Croatia seeing that she doesn’t speak ‘church‘ in Croatian as it turns out we are both having enough problems with language in England.

Last week everyone in the classroom turned different shades of red and purple as we where discussing the conquest and settlement of Canaan, apparently I had used ‘Colorful‘ language (I blame Eddie Izzard for that one)… And Exegesis is not only a hard word, it is also a very challenging activity.

If anyone wonders what Jesus is doing under the sofa, well, any faithful reader of this blog might remember this post.

Happy New Year


It’s raining in London. I wish I had some snow to go with my Christmas tree. The girls are going nuts in the apartment with all their new toys, Angelina stealing Anja’s Christmas presents and vice versa.

Still trying to realize that it was just a few months ago we moved in at William Booth College, that we have handed in 6 major papers, one spiritual evaluation, one doctrine test and four essays totaling ca. 10.000 words and that we have completed half of the level one diploma which is one quarter of the training course.

Last new years eve, we knew we where going into training but not where, how or when. Who could have guessed we would be in London now.

This New years eve we spent at the top of the WBC Tower looking down over London and most fireworks happening below us.

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