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You are not on your own

Hanna preached on God’s promises when in depression today at Southwark and God showed up! It was a great day and God certainly spoke to me.

I have carried a wound with me since I was a little boy and I was moved from home to home (most of the time within the extended family). The message I have carried with me is “You are on your own” and today as I was praying about my own difficult times. God spoke and said “you are not on your own!”

At the fellowship after church i was talking to some of the squatters from the drop in. We where talking about the message I said to them “believeing in God is easy, it is beleiving that he believes in me…. that’s the hard part!”

To trust that God will be that perfect father, that it is truly true that he will never leave nor forsake me. To trust that he has forgiven me…. To trust that I am no longer on my own in this world; That is the hard bit.

Beans, books and podcasts

Beans on toast Today I was back at the drop in at Southwark. I had a great time chatting to the team and to the people showing up for beans and toast at Southwark.

Another thing going on right now is that I am plowing through Wild at heart and The way of the wild heart written by John Eldredge and Ransom heart ministries. These books must be among the best Spiritual formation books I have ever read for men. The books are however pushing a lot of issues from my childhood to the surface and I seem to be facing a lot of things I thought I had laid to rest once and for all.

Also my sermon from last Sunday is now available as a podcast here.

First Sunday at Southwark

Well we have had Sundays at Southwark before, just not any where we have been preaching or leading. Today I preached on God’s promises when in Love.

It was very different to preach at Southwark than to be part of the congregation and I felt like I had to work real hard to get the message across. Part of it must have been my nerves but there definately was a spiritual edge to the battle that was fought on that plattform today.

After church I went to Southwark for Jesus, a cross denominational manifestation of faith where Les Isaac (Founder of Street Pastors) shared a message about the prodigal son. God was worshipped, People got saved and the gospel was declared at Peckham square.

A day on the beach

Angelina flying a kiteToday we went to Brighton. It was a day out with Southwark corps and after a bit of confusion regarding buses (and no trains running out of Denmark Hill) we ended up taking the train from Victoria to Brighton.

Brighton pier was just beautiful and alltough it was rather cold and really windy it was nice to spend a day on the beach with food and friends.

Angelina and Anja went on the merry-go-round and truly enjoyed a day out in the fresh sea air. We also got to walk around Brighton and see something very different than London for once.We also managed to fit in a visit to Wesley Owens.

All in all it was a brilliant day out and we all loved it.

A good day!

Today has been a good day. I started out early going to Saint Michaels. We spent seven hours doing talks on the Salvation army and chatting with the kids at the school. It was great. One of my favourite moments was when one of the boys after a really serious discussion on gang violence and gang culture asked “Do you watch Spungebob squarepants?” Naturally many serious questions was asked as well and we talked alot about Jesus and the transforming power of God.

Breakdancers at Elephant & CastleAngelina and Anja couldn’t wait to tell me about their day when I came back, they had been to the London aquarium and they had seen sharks, fishes and crabs (snap, snap).
After a good dinner and trying to have a short nap on the couch (it is hard to sleep with two wild girls bouncing on your head) I went back for a prayer evening at Southwark. On my way back I saw some break dancers doing their thing at the Elephant & Castle. I was struck with the grace and speed these dancers was moving. They where just a bunch of friends hanging out doing incredible stunts with their bodies, not showing off but truly enjoying what their bodies where capable of. For me it was awesome testament of God’s marvellous creation. I wish that every Christian could enjoy worship in the same way on a Sunday morning.

First day of summer placement

Southwark Salvation ArmyYesterday was our last day of curriculum and today we went out into a brave new world. Our first day of summer placement. Through the torrents of rain we braved the streets of London and arrived at Southwark (as this has been our “home” corps while in training it wasn’t exactly new to us, but it was the first time we where going to be there and have any kind of responsability or leadership). Hanna spent the day going to different playgroups with the girls in preparation of her mission project while I went to the drop in. I had some fantastic chats with people there and tried beans on toast for the first time in my life. Now I have put the tired girls to sleep and Hanna is off for small group at the corps. Time to prep for my Speaking engagement at a school tomorrow morning and my sermon for Sunday.

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