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iPod guy

iPodguyI was told last week that the “iPod Generation” consists of people ages 18-34. This disqualifies me since i turned 35 last wekk. What am I to do then when my wonderful wife bought me a brand new iPod nano, a red one?

Well I guess the least I can do is make a cartoon, it was more than a while ago I released my last cartoon.

I obviously also need to run around college screaming my head of because I have my iPod at last!

Free Bible Software, anyone?

So here I am with my new Macbook and with a new OS I need to find good solid bible software. I need a good McBible or perhaps it should be called iBible.

I started out with MacSword. I have always loved the Sword project as it is GPL and therefore it comes at no cost. Gnome Sword is easy to use and very versatile but on the mac sadly my NRSV, NIV and Message would not work properly (no surprise as I compiled them from the Biblegateway website). In all fairness I have to say I still loved the layout and serene simplicity of macsword and won’t be removing it from my harddrive anytime soon.

So I decided to go for Accordance. Accordance is much more expensive (especially compared to MacSword at zero cost). As far as I can tell accordance is a brilliant piece of software and I am enjoying it fully and you can read a full review of the software here. Incidently if you make a comment on that article before 5th of December you stand a chance of winning a free copy of accordance introductory library package.

Now if I could only figure out how to put a bible on my new red iPod that my precious wife got for my birthday….

Showing our colours

As I was walking Angelina to school last week she told me that everyone was smiling at her. I said yes, that is because you are so beautiful. Angelina thought on this for a moment, then she said. Yes, they like all my colours.

That really stuck with me, it made me think of Ephesians 2.10 “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them“. The greek for workmanship is poema wich means poem or work of art.

Yes Honey, they are smiling at all your colours. God really lavished his creative skills on you you are a colourful master piece made by God.

I just wish that we all could be aware that everyone we meet are Gods masterpieces so that we would smile at them.

It's MY IPod!

I have a brand new Macbook Pro, I had the older model that I bought just a few weeks before they released the new model. It was a great machine, great specs, great performance. But as the new model came out I got really sad. My machine was still a great machine but not as great as the new one. I called the store and they agreed to replace it and just as a bonus we where going to get the great deal with a free IPod Nano as well.

As this unfolds it turns out it took them two weeks for the macbooks to arrive at the store. And so we are no longer eligeble for the IPod deal. I go to the store disappointed and demand my IPod. The poor fellow in the store try to explain to me that it isn’t that he doesn’t want to give me an IPod, but he can not. I get flustered and in my mind I think I have a right to have a free IPod, after all didn’t everyone else who paid ridiculous amount of money for a mac get one. The Apple representative kindly reminds me that we are allready getting a ¬£400 discount because we are students. I know he is right but I do not want to acknowledge it.

With the same attitude my youngest daughter has when she lies on the floor kicking and screaming to get ice cream just before dinner. I feel had. Why do I never get the good deal? Why do I never win the lottery (but you never play …. THAT’S NOT THE POINT)? I wan’t to scream out: IT’S NOT FAIR!

A quiet voice in my head reminds me of people starving in Africa and homeless people right outside this building of commercialism but the child within screams in outrage and then bargains. Yes, but I am getting a RED IPod that means at least some of the money is given to aids research.

At that outrageously ridiculous argument the card house in my mind crumbles and I let go. I am walking out of the store with a fantastic computer, the best one I have ever owned. Letting go of my silly notion of having my way frees me up to enjoy what I actually have. Letting go of what could have been, lets me just savor what is! Richard Foster calls this the freedom of submission and he states “In the discipline of Submission we are released to drop the matter, forget it. Frankly, most things in life are not nearly as important as we think they are.”1.

  1. Foster, Richard J. The Celebration of Discipline (San Francisco: Harper, 1998) p. 111 []

The things we take for granted

I was woken up in the middle of the night by our phone ringing of the hook. It was 5 AM and all the lights in the living room where blinking, then all went dead and we where without electricity.

We woke up in the morning and the flat was cold and dark. I couldn’t shower and I couldn’t get my morning latte. I was getting really grumpy. Angry at the devil and world for stealing my joy!

We went to drop of the girls to nursery and jam club and headed straight to Starbucks for a warm panini and a vanilla latte. The Starbucks was warm and cosy with Jazz booming out of the speakers. As I sat there with my gourmet coffe I started thinking about all the homeless people that I know and call friends. Who wake up every morning chilled to their bones. They never have a warm shower and a latte in the morning. And yet whenever I see them show up for dropins and for church, they still have a warm smile for me.

So I promise myself to be extra thankful for the things that I wake up to every day!

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