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Going to Latvia: Boothcamp II – Prologue

So today we fly of to Riga, to prepare for three days of Boothcamp, a National Latvian youth camp in the small town of Drusti. It is the second time we do this camp but a first for Hanna to speak at an event like this.

At the camp we will be teaching “Epic” and the four streams from “Waking the dead”, teaching people that there is a full life to be lived in Christ, where you can find your unique part in God’s story and walk an intimate walk with God, hearing him speak daily. We will also concentrate on Spiritual Warfare and naturally how all this will enable us to fight the Salvation War! Last time the all age meeting at the end of the camp was especially powerful where the older generation prayed for and blessed the younger generations to march to war.

The warfare has been getting fierce the closer we have gotten to the event. Our sleep has been interrupted (more than usual) and tempers have been flying high. The added pressures of Sunday placements at corps and essays at the college all colliding in  these last two weeks have not helped either. I am assuming that the enemy is not pleased with our plans to, through the power of God,  set hearts free in Latvia.

Please Pray for us, as much, and as hard as you can, we will need every bit of support we can get!

Marriage is war!

Many don’t even know it, even fewer will acknowledge it. But it is true. Not only is Christian life in itself warfare, but as you give your vows on your wedding day, you are immediately propelled right up to the front line in this war.

Both John Eldredge, Rob Bell and many other Christian writers with them claim that marriage is a living metaphor, the living image of the kingdom of God. An incarnation if you will of God’s unity and fellowship born into our society.

No Wonder the enemy will throw everything he has got at you once you enter into the sacred union of marriage. At first though he will try to sneak in unnoticed, making you think that it is you, your thoughts, your ideas and as long as you accept the lie that you are evil, wicked, bad and that there is nothing you can do about it, he will leave you in your ignorance.

If you ever blow his cover, he will switch to tactic number two “Dog pile”1 It goes from a low key cold war, to a full on, no holds barred attack. No more pretence, no more disguising as your own thoughts.

The good news is that once we acknowledge that there is an enemy opposing you, that there is a battle to fight, then we can finally let our hearts come fully alive, no longer acknowledging the lies of the devil.

Marriage IS war, not man against the woman; But it is the battle of what should be: glorious, vibrant couples against the powers and principalities that rule this world.

It is time to wake up, step up, and gear up, we are at war!

  1. John Eldredge, Wild at heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul. (Nashville: Thomas nelson, 2001) []

Your presence

How can I describe your presence, I can’t, I won’t
There is nothing that compares to it.
Words would taint it, sully it, how can I do that to you.

But, what else can I talk about, there is nothing else
worth mentioning.

It is the sweet darkness of death, the insensitive stark light of love, unbearable to the senses unfathomable to the mind yet I can not live without it.

It is always there just out of reach, in the corner of your eye, unseeable, burning the retina with its bright presence.

The moment I look for it, it is gone.

Prayer answered

Some people have reacted and commented on last nights post.

Here is the follow up from today’s journal entry….

so my prayer this morning was:

Either I am blind or everyone else is, I pray that it is me!
I do not challenge you to prove that I am right,
I long to be proven wrong!

This morning I was, Thank You!

This can't be it …

I am tired, sad and hungry …. there must be more to it than this. The Bible promises more, my memory is filled with glories past, so why is there not anything here and now to quench my thirst? Here is my journal entry from today:

Talking about God like he is not in the room.
Praying like reciting a recipe or a poem that touches our lips but never our heart. Living like God is a good idea but poor reality. Saying we love Jesus with all our heart but there is no joy in our voice, no softness in our eye, it has become merely an intellectual position held in faith.

There is a deep hunger in my heart, a thirst for more. It is like a deep call that has echoed so long that the words have been lost.

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