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Please pray for me

Every now and then there has to be a post like this, and so here it is. When I was 13 I worked in a warehouse and hurt my back. Since then I get back pain every now and then paralysing me and rendering me unable to move for a few days. When I train right and move as I should I get less pain (or I should say less often) and if i neglect my training I get more.

Due to busy schedules and stupidity (thinking I am invincible, and carrying children) I can now feel my back subtly giving up on me. I need prayer, I do not have the luxury of just stopping for a few days at this stage in college.

So this is a request for prayer, please pray for my healing and pray that as I try to train my back more responsibly that I can get back to normal again quickly.

Sincere thanks



The room was full of electric nervous energy. Not that anything was going to change… At the same time everything is about to change for the majority of the people in the room.

It was a weird place to be as a spectator. I knew our appointments where not among the brown envelopes on the table, I was nervous anyway…..

Lord I pray for all my friends that they will be catapultet into the most exciting adventure of their lives!

NCD Resources

As many have been given their new appointments only to discover that their new appointments includes “Getting your head around NCD”

I thought I would repost my NCD links and recourses for you to enjoy!

If you are going to read one book on NCD, I would recommend you to start with Color your world with NCD. Another book that I would warmly recommend is The Threefold art of Experiencing God. That gets deeper into the concept of the trinity in a very helpful way.

The other book that is extremely helpful both for Sermon material and for useful devotional material is the 3 Colors of Love.

The idea of a truly Trinitarian faith I find a revolutionary one, where every aspect of church is truly immersed in the fullness of the trinity and not unbalanced by focusing on only one aspect of God’s love.

I hope you find these books as helpful as I have.


I lost my keys, again, I need to be writing an essay, I need to go to the library, and I must hurry to get my kids, and I cannot find my keys. Frantically I look through the flat, no luck….

Hang on a minute, what good is it to be a friend of an omniscient ruler of the universe if He can’t help you locate the keys….

Father, I have lost the keys, please help me find them…. Then I do something strange, I don’t stop and listen, I keep looking I keep rummaging through the children’s toys, I am getting angry and sad. Why would God not help me, is he holding out on me? An hour later, I sigh in defeat. – I can’t do this! As I start working up courage to go tell Margret that I lost yet another set of keys, I feel a stirring in my spirit, my eyes focus and I am looking at my keys, right there on the kitchen counter, under a paper from Angelina’s school.

If I had only stopped and listened from the beginning. If I had only trusted in God’s heart.

I vow to myself, again, to remember that God answers prayer and that I must live that way.

N.T. Wright on heaven and hell

I stumbled across some great N.T. Wright clips at:

great stuff!

Boothcamp II – Epilogue

How do we even begin to describe this event?! It has been a journey, it has been a battle but it has also been a glorious victory.

We had some setbacks like the fact that the translator got really ill halfway through the first meeting, our car breaking down, lots of irritation and distorted communication. It was a battle every step of the way.

Nevertheless, Hearts where set free and people where blessed, faith and hope rekindled. There are two moments that stick out in my mind. The first is praying with several people who felt that their hearts had been broken and they needed healing…. or who felt that the Christian life is hard. Our response, yes it is hard but it is worth it!

The other moment was the testimony of one of the middle aged women in the corps we had invaded who testified at the Sunday meeting (a very interesting meeting with five generations present) how blessed she was by the presence, devotion and vibrancy of all the young people.

It has been a great camp and a good week, even if we missed the snow in England. Now we are just trying to work out how to get home again (our flights got canceled due to the snowstorm in London).

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