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Thank You!

I am deeply moved by all the kind words and prayers we are receiving on Facebook, and via email today as we are getting ready for maybe one of the most important meetings of our lives (well at least for the next couple of years!).

Keep praying guys, we really need it!

And all the emails and comments do really tell me that come what may, we will enter into this great adventure surrounded by friends and supporters!  

Today is the day ….

Page_7 At two o’clock today we will commence our appointments consultation.

Trying to be prepared is very hard as we do not know what to prepare for, so if you have the time, pray for us on this very important day.

I have woken up every half hour through the night and Hanna has unfortunately contracted a stomach bug of some kind and has been very ill.

But today we need our top form no matter how we feel. Pray that we will be surrounded and filled by God’s peace and that he will give us the wisdom to ask all the right questions.

Here we go!

Reflecting on our upcoming appointment

Page_6 Tomorrow is the day when we find out what the Salvation Army has planned for our future. People keep asking me if I have figured out where we are going (like there where only one or two possible choices). But at last glance in the dispo there where about 160 corps to choose from and 1 third of those unofficered.

With the major reorganisation of the Swedish Territory going on it becomes even harder to figure out where we are going, we are have contemplated several different methods of divination but as we do much reflection in college I thought maybe I should give the mirror a try.

Armylife impossible!

Page_4 I have the theme tune of mission impossible playing in my mind constantly, and have all sorts of bizarre scenarios of what Saturdays consultation will be like.

Most of them have some sort of feel of Mission Impossible or any other secret agent movie.

I am reminded of the chapter in Brian Mclaren’s The Secret Message of Jesus where he talks about us being agents of Gods Kingdom.

I can totally see that.

And lets face it who haven’t dreamt of being a secret super agent at one time or another?

In preparation of our orders – Army life

Page_3So having spent nearly two years being told that we are going to be told where to go, we are now given a consultation where we have to reply to our appointment.

It is a scary thing to be responsable for such a big decision especially after you have been lulled into the false security that someone else will do it for you. However this responsability is what we have been asking for since we first considered officership, now that it is given to us, I am not sure I want it.

Nevertheless it is now time to grow up and leave the nest….

Distractions – canon fodder

Trying to put my mind on essays is very hard right now as all I can think of is the upcoming appointment on Saturday.

Page_5So I try to distract myself in any way I can. Enter Multiwinia.

It is mindless stick-man slaughter, but in the age of post-modernism one has to ask what about stick-man rights…..

Just hoping this is not how we will feel about our appointment…

Changed to bring change.

Found this clip on Brian Mclarens blog, listen enjoy and be changed!

Multiwinia THE mac game of the year.

Every now and then I must post a geeky post. It is just not possible not to do it because I am a geek.

So I was looking for a game to play and blow off some steam. I was delighted to find a port of Neverball for mac but as great as the game is it didn’t really help me de-stress and maybe more importantly take my mind off the fast approaching appointment.

Then it happened I stumbled across Multiwinia (a multiplayer RTS based on the great game Darwinia) Its fast paced action packed game play was just what the doctor ordered (in fact I went to play it with Will who is a doctor and a good friend).

Here is an excerpt from the user manual:

Welcome to Multiwinia: Survival of the flattest – thr ultimate retro-arcade multiplayer experience! Choose from a selection of six spectacular, action packed game modes, set in one of the most beautiful game environs you will ever set your eyes on.

Challenge your opponent to a game of stick-man slaughter, and watch digital-war unfold, as your Multi-winian army struggle to complete a chosen task fasterand betterthan your rival’s.

It’s fast, it’s furious, and only the flattest will survive!

It was also good to see that if you have one paid copy of the game you can play a lan game with a friend who has downloaded the demo version.

PC-Version Mac version


This blog has faded some as I have been concentrating on writing in Swedish over at the awakening heart (Need to brush up my Swedish for the upcoming move).

We have now been in England for 18 months and will be returning to Sweden in August. We have been waiting for some time to receive our appointment and being told where to go.

Yesterday we received the news that on Saturday we will sit down with our chief secretary who will give us a proposal. What we did not expect was that we will be given time to respond to this proposal with a yes or a no.

So now we are excited and scared witless. It is great wonderful and frightening, the great adventure is about to start.

So now we need prayer! Pray that God prepares our hearts for the proposal we will be given on Saturday. But also pray that God will give us the discernment to know that this is the will of God and also strength and courage to say no if we feel that it is not right.

My Swedish blog in YOUR language!

As Hanna and I are transitioning towards moving back home to Sweden, I have taken to writing on my Swedish blog, to the annoyance of many of my faithful readers. Well fear not, the internet is a wonderful and magical place.

Now you can access my Swedish blog in your preferred language!!

So bookmark the following pages


There are a few other languages, like finnish, italian, french, german, french etc, just find your flag in the sidebar of the blog and you will have access in your language!


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