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Beta testing bumptop

A lot of geeky posts right now, for that I appologize. But beta testing is fun. It is even more fun when people are doing old things in new and exciting ways.

I have had my eyes on bumptop for quite a while. And now the mac alpha version has come out and I have been asked to “beta” test. It is a new way of doing “desktop” it treats your desktop as an actual desktop where you can organize files and folders in piles, you can scoot things around on the surface and they slide over your desktop…. What I wouldn’t give for a touch screen right now ……

Nobody wants a google wave invite?!

Yesterday I posted about my 6 remaining Google wave invites. So far I have not had a single reply. I make one more try. I am looking for people interested in the emergent comversation or churchplanting. If I can find none, then I will randomly select people randomly from my adress book. If you want an invite comment here and add me on tumblr or twitter. I will give out at least one random invite.

Google wave invites

I have now received some invites for google wave. This has been something I have been longing for as the wave is quite boring until you have people to collaborate with.

However, it is proving harder than I thought to choose who to invite. Therefore I will extend invites to people who can be beneficial to me, Hanna and the Malmö corps. We are in the starting phase of replanting the corps. We are a NEO (New Expression Of the Salvation Army) and rapidly becoming part of the hyphenated church ie. Salvo-emergent.

If you are a person who wants to have theological discussions, and you think you can come with insight and ideas regarding emergence, Salvation Army and or planting let me know by a comment below, and sign up to follow either my twitter or tumbler feed and I will consider you for one of my six remaining invites. In the end I will also randomly select one person to receive an invite so even if you do not fit the description below.

The only other condition to this is that if you get an invite from me, please consider giving one of your invites to someone who commented below and did not get one.

Follow my reading …

As a Salvation Army Officer, pastor, public speaker, thinker, theologian and human being, I read a lot. And as I do I find some really cool quotes and interesting thoughts. I have decided to keep publishing these quotes and uplifting/provocative thoughts in a separate forum so that those who do not lie to read wordy (and sometimes rambling and aimless) blog posts.

So without a bone of shame in my body I hereby promote my own Tumblr page where you can read these quotes and take part of these thoughts. If you would rather aggregate them in your RSS reader you can capture the feed here.

While this feed is also available via my twitter feed, it just looks much better in your RSS reader if you take the feed straight from tumblr.

Beta testing

I have done some beta testing in the past, mostly games (Anarchy Online, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft) but now I am having loads of fun beta testing some other stuff.

Google Wave

So I finally got a google wave invite. Wave looks very promising but it is extremely booring. Having a wave account and no invites to give out proves to be challenging. Being alone on a service that is designed for collaborative work is well not very productive. I can’t wait until google wave is as well used as gmail.

Accordance - Svenska folk bibeln

Last night I was asked to try out the a new accordance module with ‘Svenska Folk Bibeln’ (Swedish Folk Bible). The Bible translation that I have been using the most and desperately need for my sermon and bible study prep.

Honoured and very tickled to be asked personally by the accordance staff I naturally accepted.


My ISP – Bredbandsbolaget are offering all their customers free beta accounts at Voddler, an internet movie service much like spotify but with movies instead. I am amazed at how right away after creating my account I was streaming a HD movie without a single hiccup.

Voddler have received a lot of criticism, but I wonder if it is not just a great service in it’s infancy. well we shall see. It is going to be fun trying it out though.

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