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As every other wannabe writer, I have a whole drawer full of ideas for books, both novels and theological fiction.It has always been my aspiration to put these ideas into action and publish some of them. As every other wannabe writer I have been putting this of for years.

So I have decided this year to take part in NaNoWriMo, an international writing project that is much like a marathon in fiction writing. This means that for the next month (the month of November 2011) I will try to write my first novel. to find the time for this I will not be blogging, I will not be checking Facebook, I will not go on tumblr and I will not keep up with any personal correspondence. It is a bit like going down in a sub for a month or locking yourself in the basement.

I am hoping to hit 1000 words in 2 hours of  writing per day and finish half a novel (approx 30.000 words, a short novel is 60-90.000 words) in this first attempt at NaNoWriMo (The official target is to hit 50.000 words but I think that would cost me my job, my sanity and my family so I will start carefully).

Please cheer me on but don’t be alarmed if it seems as if I have fallen of he face of the earth. I will try to post daily word count updates, on my blogs but I won’t promise I can keep that up as I’ll need every single free second to succeed at this.

Christian Pirates

From Wikipedia:

Piracy is a war-like act committed by non-state actors (private parties not affiliated with any government) against other parties at sea. The term applies especially to acts of robbery and/or criminal violence at sea. People who engage in these acts are called pirates.

What could this possibly have to do with Christianity?

Christianity today has in many ways been coopted by the institution of the church and therefore needs to be renewed, the renewal will come from within, from independent actors who disentangle themselves from the institution and rebel against it, in doing so they may be committing acts, or affirming thoughts, ideas or doctrines that by the institution consider criminal or rather heretical

Peter Rollins write in his book Insurrection that one can live “an alternate reality in the midst of a present one and yet not be defined by it” as the creation of a “Pirate Island”. In the same way we need to create these pirate islands and commit to the fight against systems that control or oppress this fight must be done by christian violence, wich is, in the words of Peter Rollins:

Christian violence is the public expression of love; it is that work which ruptures systems of abuse, robbing them of their power and efficiency. It is manifest in the formation of insurrectionary groups that live out a radically different mode of social relation, one that challenges the system by offereing an alternative vision of the world.

It is as Paul says not a battle against flesh and blood but an ideological battle of worldview.

A christian pirate assaults the status quo of this world, of the institutional church with subversive acts of love, stories of a different world, poetry that pries open the dark chambers of the heart, music that crack open the secrets of the universe only to reveal an unknowable mystery.

You can sign on now and follow the Captain.


Insurrection: To Believe Is Human, To Doubt Is Divine by Peter Rollins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Insurrection: To Believe Is Human, To Doubt Is DivineIf you have been following Peter Rollins four a while you will find nothing new in this latest release, it is simply all those messages, thoughts, parables and stories woven together in a beautiful but very disruptive package. It is an incendiary bomb into established religion, it is a call to let go of belief and structure so that we can truly encounter the divine and live the resurrection life. It is a call to form prophetic Pirate islands within our world and within our established churches where we live the resurrection life as if there was no other option available, not in protest but as a the only natural reality.

If you are a Christian, a theist, an atheist or a/theist you may enjoy this book but I doubt that it will leave you unshaken.

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