Coup d’etat by THS today at Riga 1

Today was a really good day at Riga 1, Prayer before the service was powerful and the spirit of God was evident. The worship Rawked and on top of that The testimoys where so many and so powerful Sarah decided to skip the preaching, it was a real praise party!

God is good and he is doing things today!

About Patrik Olterman

Patrik Olterman is a progressive theologian living in the southern Sweden. Married to Hanna Olterman and the proud father of Angelina, Anja and Mio. Inspired by the perennial tradition and the mystics of the past as well as the Queer and Radical theologians of the now. Influences range from Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir, Meister Eckhart, St John of the cross, via Thomas Merton and Whitehead to Richard Rohr, Bruce Epperly, Catherine Keller, Brian Mclaren and Peter Rollins.