In Veggie Tales: King George and the Ducky (REGION 1) (NTSC)Veggie tales – King george and the ducky, king George asks Cedrik his favorite general, How goes the war?

This simple little question echoes to me through time and space. How goes the war indeed? We as soldiers of God need to ask ourselves that question every day. We need to evaluate, reassess and strategize but most of all we need to daily don our battle gear and step onto the battle field and engage the enemy, relentlessly attacking.

Lets not kid ourselves the enemy will not rest untill all oposition has been silenced, until the last bastion of truth has fallen, until the return of Him who will end the war once and for all.

Cedrik answers king George by saying: The war has grown ferocious, we need more men! Echoing the words of Christ ( [bible]matt 9:37,38[/bible] )

WE NEED MORE MEN! In latvia this is litterally true as our corps are filled with women but a good man is nowhere to be found but it is also true in the rest of the world that we need more soldiers in the army so that we can hold back the steady advance of the enemy horde. We do need more men and women, we need you!

So my question to you today is, How goes the war?

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